Lemon in water

Lemon water is lemon juice mixed with water. It could be cold, warm or hot water. Lemon water is excellent as a daily drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And it is especially good to drink around this time of the year when the weather is cold and everyone is susceptible to coughs and colds.

Bottled lemon water
Bottled lemon water

Nutrients in lemon water

Lemon is very high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

Lemon water is low in calories

Lemon water is fat free

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen mix it with lemon and you have an energy drink!


A chopped lemon
A chopped lemon

Uses of lemon water

A drink – Lemon water is good as a nice refreshing drink anytime of the day. It is always best to have it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Medicinal – helps in the prevention and the healing of Acne, colds, coughs and sore throats.

Beauty – lemon water can be used as a beauty product in various ways such as: mouth wash, feet relaxer, hair rinse and face cleanser

Flavour in food – Pour some lemon in your corn meal, gari or custard. Bake some lemon juice into your cake. Squeeze some lemon juice on to your grilled fish. Put a whole lemon into your roast turkey or chicken before it goes into the oven.

As salad dressing – sprinkle some lemon juice on your vegetable salad and you won’t need any oily dressing.

Preservation :

(1) cut your apple and pour lemon over it, it will not go brown or chop your apple into little pieces and soak those apple pieces in lemon juice, they will not go brown!

(2) put your soggy lettuce or green leaves into some lemon water, leave them in for about an hour and watch your leaves come back to life!

For cleaning meat. Lemon is especially good with cleaning snails. It cleans off the slimy all over the snail. Other types of meats like beef, lamb and pork can be rinsed in lemon water for a good flavour.


Lemon fruits
Lemon fruits

Health benefits of lemon water

Here is a list of benefits lemon water has for you and your health

– Being rich in vitamin C, lemon water boosts the immune system of the human body.

– Improves the mood and boosts energy – instead of your morning coffee have a cup of lemon water.

– reduces pain in the joints and muscles

– helps in treating corn. Soak your feet in warm lemon water for 30 minutes. Then rub a pumice stone on the affected area. Do this once every day till the Corn is healed.

– helps with loosing weight

– Helps with food digestion

– prevents and helps heal coughs, colds and flus.

– Eases the pain of a sore throat

– It detoxifies the body.

– It alkalizes the body.

– Flushes fever out of the body

– It prevents and fights cancer cells

– Purifies the blood and regulates blood sugar

– reduces high blood pressure

– clears the skin of black heads and wrinkles


Lemon slices
Lemon slices

How to make lemon water

Ingredients: 1/2 lemon or 2 slices of lemon, one 250ml cup of water


(1) wash a lemon and cut it into two equal halves. Squeeze one half into a 250ml cup add water (best warm) to fill the cup and mix.

(2) wash lemon and cut into 0.25 slices. Put one or two slices into a 250ml cup. Fill it with warm water mix for about a minute for the lemon to infuse into the water and drink.

Serving suggestions:

(1) With ginger – cut a thin slice of ginger into lemon water.

(2) with honey – add a teaspoon of honey to lemon water

(3) with mint – drop 2-3 mint leaves into lemon water.

(4) with herb tea such as green tea, hibiscus tea – squeeze half of a lemon into a 250ml cup of herbal tea

(5) with normal black tea – same as herbal tea, squeeze half of a lemon into a 250ml cup of tea without milk


Lemon juice
Lemon juice

Start drinking lemon water

Have a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning every morning.

Please do not sweeten it with sugar, honey or fruit sugar are better options.

I would like to know what you feel about lemon water, have you been drinking lemon water for a while? Whats your experience with it? Did you give it a try? How did you find it? Do you have any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.





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  1. Thanks for this article on drinking lemon water. I didn’t realize that so much goes into making it and then all of the reasons why I should drink it. I love water so this will be a great additive! I look forward to great results.

  2. I have been using lemon water for a couple of years now although not consistent but I have seen the benefits especially freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey for colds really works in couple of days. Thanks for the info.x

  3. I had no idea the little lemon could do so much!  Never in my life have I heard that a lemon can bring back wilted lettuce and greens…so cool!  I will for sure try that one out.

    Being the new year, I am of course looking for ways to drop a couple of extra pounds (OK, maybe more like 20 extra pounds).  Every little thing helps right?  So glad I found this post.

    So, any idea how long it takes to notice the effects?  Some remedies or programs seem to take a few weeks before you notice any changes in appetite or weight loss.  We should all be drinking more water…and water is always easy to find, so this should be an easy program to stick with!

    Now, off to buy a bag of lemons!  Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Kmv, for coming by, I will advice you take it as a change in your life style. Depending on your age It might take between 1 and 3 months to notice a difference. 

  4. Hi Juliet. Excellent article. And for me very timely. I recently started working out with a trainer and part of my lifestyle change/ regimen is to drink 3 or 4 16oz bottles of water (or the equivalent amount if not using bottled water) each day. While I understand the importance of drinking water  I’m just not a big fan so I’ve started adding lemon or lime juice to it to give it some flavor. I’ve been wondering if this was beneficial at all. Apparently it is and I get the added benefit of water that is easy for me to drink. Yay!. Thanks for the article. 

  5. Ooh, I do love my lemon water. I am happy to see that I can find others who are doing the same.

    I am using lemon water for over 15 years and since then I never had any colds or even the flu.

    I was starting it because a friend, who is also a Naturopath, suggested it to me because I had some digestive problems.

    Since then, no digestive problems and also my Immune system got much healthier too.

    I really didn’t research the whole benefit of lemon water but reading your article certainly has given me more things to explore with it.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, appreciated. 🙂

  6. You have shared a great information on the value of simple lemon water in life. In winter it can demonstrate its best performance. You can have warm lemon water and help your immune system. See how many people are suffering from in this winter season in my state in India where the barometer has the highest depression this year. We don’t have central heating or almost no local heating. 

    My husband starts his morning with Lemon water and honey. His water is hot. 

    I am with the impression the high acidity of it will take toll on calcium of my bone which is alkaline. Also, cancer is created in acidic environment. Can lemon water contribute to that.

    I have researched about lemon water to some extent and it says it produces alkaline environment. Would you please share your thoughts about this?

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. Anusuya

    1. Thanks Anusuya, although lemon water is acidic, some reactions in the body changes to alkaline. Lemon creates an alkaline environment in the body. Lemon prevents cancer in the body. 

  7. Hi, really great article on uses of lemon and it’s benefits thank for pointing out drinking lemon water in the morning whether cold, warm or hot for cleansing the body. I can now do this for weight lose (belly fat) thanks much good job and have yourself a blessed 2019.

  8. Hi and thanks for the great info on lemon water and the health benefits it has. Clearly there is so much more that nature provides that we don’t realise. Lemon water mixed with honey and heated is also great for colds and coughs in the winter too. I am surprised  to know it’s also really good for use as a preservative too. Thanks, kenny 

  9. on my personal experience i have taking remon   for some times whare i have to mix it wit honey as sweetner as you have the remon comes with alot more benifit that most of us care to know  for me the reason i was  taking  water was  burn extra  body fat which by the way the remon  water did it very well in shedding away  few kgs

    1. Thanks Charles, it’s so good to know that lemon water has helped you. Please don’t stop drinking it. Make it a new lifestyle. 

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