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 What is Oil Spray?

What is oil spray? I mean what is cooking oil spray? There must be some differences between using oil and using oil spray. What is cooking oil spray used for? Does it have any health benefits? Any negatives? What are they?

Oil spray is the spray version of cooking oil. They mostly come in spray form instead of liquid and in less calories than the liquid version of oil. They are also a thinner layer when applied in a frying pan or cooking pot making them the more healthy option. One spray is about 1 calorie. An average of 8 sprays make 1 table spoon of oil. Cooking oil spray has various flavours such as; Garlic, Coconut, Olive, Avocado, Grapeseed, Sunflower and Rapeseed.   


The difference between oil and oil spray

The very first obvious difference is that cooking oil is liquid at room temperature or solid when cold and cooking oil spray is gas.

With cooking oil spray, since 1 spray is about 1 calorie it is easy to measure and count the number of oil calories used in cooking, frying or dressing salads.  While one might spill a little bit too much oil when using liquid.

You consume less calories when using oil spray and more calories using cooking oil.

Cooking oil sometimes contains unhealthy saturated fat. You don’t have saturated fat in oil spray.

Cooking oil can become dangerous and unhealthy when heated beyond some temperatures while cooking oil spray has no such danger.

Cooking oil spray can be highly explosive or inflammable, it should be kept away from naked fire. While cooking oil is much safer.  


Uses of oil spray

Here are the various ways Cooking oil spray is used:

  • In preparing meals especially fried food. Instead of deep frying, a thin layer of spray oil
    Frying with oil spray
    Frying with oil spray

    is applied to a frying pan.

  • Lining the inside of measuring cups to ease the measuring of sticky foods.
  • Sprayed on the inside of the pot to prevent food sticking to the pot.
  • On the baking tray before it goes into the oven to prevent baked food sticking to the oven pan or tray
  • On some food to prevent that food sticking together.
  • Oil is sprayed on food before applying spices, so the spices would stick on better.
  • As a salad dressing


Health benefits of using oil spray

  • Less oil is used in frying and cooking. Oil spray is spread on the surface of the frying pan and food is fried on the oil surface instead of being deep fried.
  • Less oil is used in preparing meals
  • Less fat in the food
  • Less fat in the body
  • Helps in weight loss and weight loss diets
  • Cuts down calorie intake
  • Lowers the risk of horrible diseases such as Obesity, Cancer, Diabetics, Heart problems and lots more.


Anything negative about cooking oil spray?

Cooking oil spray could be a safety hazard as it is highly inflammable, please keep it away from children and from naked fire.


Types of cooking oil spray

It comes in various flavours such as: Garlic oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Avocado oil and Rapeseed oil.


Cooking oil spray is the gas version of oil as opposed to the liquid version. It is used in so many ways such as frying, salad dressing, detangler and pot or pan liner. When we use oil spray instead of oil, we consume less oil and less calories. It is healthy. There are so many flavours of oil spray. Cooking Oil Spray is the best type of oil to use in everything we do with our food. Start using oil spray by clicking on any of the links below.





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  1. Hi, Juliet.
    Excellent post on the advantages of cooking with oil spray.
    Lots of color and action make this a very pleasant website to navigate.
    Do you have any special bottles and techniques for pour liquid oil in a bottle and pumping air into this bottle?
    Is this as efficient as a spray can version?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks, Paul

  2. Hi! Thanks for this wonderful article informing us on what oil spray is and its benefits.

    I agree. Cooking oil spray can be a safety hazard so I went online and found an cooking oil spray dispenser that didn’t use gas. I love it because I can put whatever oil I want in it. I’m a big fan of avocado oil.

    Anyway, have you every used a cooking oil spray dispenser that doesn’t involve gas?

  3. Hi,

    It is good to know what is the difference between cooking oil and oil spray. As in my country, oil spray is rarely used and heard, so it is not really popular in here.

    And I am surprised that there are so many different types of oil spray in current market. Thanks for your introduction, oil spray can be my another better option to supplement cooking oil for healthy sake

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