Stewed Chicken with vegetables

I eat healthy! What do I mean by that statement? Am I trying to say I am a vegetarian, a vegan, a keto diet person am I on a starvation diet? Or do I stay away from some certain types of food? None of these statements describe my eating habits yet I eat healthy. How do I achieve eating healthy? I create my own recipes. I eat healthy meals. What is “Healthy Meals”? Healthy meals are meals that have a combination of food that is agreeable with your health. I will explain a healthy meal by taking you step by step through the dinner I had last Sunday.


Stewed Chicken with vegetables
Stewed Chicken with vegetables

My Sunday Dinner: Stewed Chicken with boiled vegetables – 400 calories per portion.


Ingredients in my dinner (serves 6)

Ingredients for a healthy meal
Ingredients for a healthy meal

Chicken – 6 thighs. Potatoes – 3 very large. Courgettes 1. Carrots 1 large. Tomatoes – 2 medium. Onions – 1 large. Bell peppers (green, red, yellow) half of each colour. Spices (salt + your choice).

Health benefits of this meal

– This meal is fat free. No oil at all was used in cooking it. 

– Heart healthy meal

– Can be included in a weight loss diet

– low in calories. This meal is only 400 calories per portion

Chicken – Rich in low fat Protein.

Potatoes – Carbohydrate. A source of energy, it also aids digestion.

Courgettes – Contains anti oxidants and anti inflammatory nutrients.

Carrots – A good source of beta carotene, it improves eye health.

Tomatoes – Contains lycopene and helps prevention of heart decease and cancer.

Onions – Helps improve the health in your sleep, skin and hair.

Bell peppers (green, red, yellow) – Improves eye health.

Spices – rich in various minerals.


Preparation Process

Chicken – Not frozen. It was in a sealed package, I left it in the package.

Potatoes – I did not peel my potatoes, I scrubbed them with a vegetable brush to clean out all the sand or mud from the farm. I avoided peeling the potatoes because, just below the skin, potato has a lot of nutrients I don’t want to lose. I Cut the potatoes into 4 pieces each and place them in an insert basket.

Carrots – Almost the same process as the potatoes. Do not peel so you don’t lose nutrients. Scrub them on the outside with a vegetable brush. Rinse them and cut them into 2 inch pieces. I chose to cut them diagonally just because I like that shape. Place the pieces in the basket with the potatoes.

Courgettes – They don’t come with mud so, rinse them and cut them into 2 inch pieces. Place them in the insert basket with the potatoes and carrots.

Tomatoes – Rinse them and chop them into 1/2 inch cubes. Keep them in a bowl till when needed.

Onions – Peel them, grate or chop them into shreds. Keep in a bowl till when needed.

Bell Peppers – Rinse them and chop them into 1/2 inch cubes. Keep in a bowl till when needed.


Cooking Tools

Saladmaster’s 12″ electric skillet

Saladmaster Electric Skillet
Saladmaster Electric Skillet

– This utensil is a mini kitchen on its own it will fry with or without oil, bake, boil and grill. It also acts as a slow cooker and a rice cooker. As a rice cooker, once the rice is cooked, it switches itself off and keeps the food warm at 65 degrees centigrade.





Saladmaster’s 10 qrt roaster with the basket insert

Saladmaster's 10 qrt Roaster
Saladmaster’s 10 qrt Roaster

– This is a cookware of about 11 liters in volume. It comes with a basket insert. The food to be cooked is placed in the basket and suspended on the water at the bottom of the cookware. The lid of this cookware has a valve that keeps the cooking temperature at 86 degrees centigrade.




I use the best cookware in the world. It’s called Saladmaster. Saladmaster is made of titanium 316 Ti. This cookware does not react with food cooked in it. It cooks at 86 degrees C, preserving 80 – 90% of nutrients in your food. It uses less energy (gas or electricity). Saladmaster cookware has a lifetime warranty! To get your saladmaster cookware set and to know more about saladmaster leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


The Cooking


Chicken stewed in its own juice with vegetables
Chicken stewed in its own juice with vegetables

Using the electric skillet. Heat it up to 230 degrees. When it is nice and hot at 230 degrees C, place the chicken pieces straight from the package onto the skillet. Let the chicken fry. No oil is added. Chicken fries in its own oil and cooks in its own juices. Fry for 15 minutes, flip the fried chicken pieces over and add chopped tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and spices. Reduce the temperature to 90 degrees and cook till chicken juices run clear. Mix the chicken with the cooked vegetables and serve.


Potatoes + Carrot + Courgette:

Potatoe, courgette and Carrot pieces in the insert basket
Potatoe, courgette and Carrot pieces in the insert basket

Using the 10 qrt roaster – pour some water into the 10 qrt roaster. Place the chopped potatoes, chopped carrots and chopped courgette into the basket. Place the basket into the 10 qrt roaster. The basket will be suspended above the water in the cookware. Cover the cookware and steam the ingredients at 86 degrees centigrade to desired softness. Serve with the spiced chicken and sauce.



What is Healthy Meals?

Healthy meals are meals that contain foods combined in a manner agreeable to your health! Healthy meals vary depending on individual health and body requirements. Having healthy meals will not be complete without drinking enough water and having enough daily exercises.

Always cook with the purpose of cooking healthy meals. Cooking healthy meals is the manner of combing foods with the right portions of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and mineral to keep you healthy.

Give my unique Chicken and Vegetable recipe a try. I would like to hear your comments on my Sunday dinner, please leave a comment below. Also, if you would like to know more about my dinner and about saladmaster leave a comment or question and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Being healthy is not what you do, its who you are!

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  1. I’d be willing to come to your house for dinner if you would cook for me!

    I love that your meal has no added fat.  We certainly get enough fat in our diets, so not adding it to the supper is a good thing.  I also am impressed that you use Saladmaster cookware.  They are so excellent…wish I could afford to get some! Using such good cookware certainly will not detract from the flavor of the food; rather, it will improve it.

    How nice that you included cooking instructions.  No excuse for us not to try the meal and know we are eating healthy.

    Your site is one that should be helpful to many people. 

  2. Oh wow, so many misconceptions on the idea of what healthy neaks mean. I’m glad that you can make a clarity of things with this post here. Your Sunday meal of chicken and vegetable is really cool. I like the fact that it is fat free because that’s a big deal. I use the saladmaster at home and like you said, it really is a life long cookware, I’ll try out this recipe and come back with my feedback. Thanks

  3. Eating food that is as close as possible to the way nature made it can make a huge difference to the way you think, look, and feel. By using these simple tips, I can cut through the confusion and learn how to create and stick to a tasty, varied, and nutritious diet. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Excellent advice Dane, you can eat healthy without going on a trendy diet!
    Your meal last night of stewed chicken, and boiled starches and vegetables is only 400 calories.
    Also you exhibit good discipline in portion control.

    This is sensible and healhy eating. Excellent and way to Go!

  5. This method of preparation is exactly how we Jamaicans eat. The challenge we have is that, with our lifestyles getting busier by the day, buying a prepared meal has become the habit of many of us. It saves time and cleaning up and preparation but we are never sure what goes into that pot. I am still trying to prepare my own meals more often.Thanks for the introduction to the salad master. I could benefit from having one

  6. Every time I tell myself that I am eating healthy is when I plan a diet. I I just don’t know how to eat a healthy meal on impulse. Your Sunday meal looks so delicious and healthy. I am surprised that no oil was used in preparing that meal. Your recipe is also straight and easy to follow. 

    Those cooking tools are also so awesome. I think they somehow add to the flavor of the food. I will always go for a cooking equipment that does not require oil.

    Thank you for your breakdown on healthy meals. I will give your unique Chicken & Vegetable recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you for this great article about healthy meals. I like how you said it doesn’t have to fit into a specific style of eating in order to be healthy. I consider healthy eating to be the same thing, just eating combinations of healthy foods. I also like the quote being healthy is not what you do it’s who you are. That’s so true because being healthy is just who I am it’s not like something I have to do because I just naturally do it because it’s who I am.

    I think your dinner sounds great. Very healthy and a good combination of lots of healthy things. Thanks!

  8. That is a great , healthy and delicious receipe – I really like it because you are not using any oil and therefore, the food does not have any fat either
    Of course, I believe one could add other vegeables to the dish like beets, califlower , or brocoli in order to increase the variety if one likes to do that.
    I will definitely try to cook thei recipe and add it to my regular diet.

  9. Hi,

    I would love to know the related info for the Saladmaster’s 12″ electric skillet mentioned in this article, please feedback no this, appreciate!

    I also like the way you didn’t peel the potato and carrot to keep more nutrition from the vegetables, and I have to admit that my mom is doing the same way for a better us! Another good point from your cooking style is you didn’t use any oil and this meal is not including any fat!

    All the above sounds great for a healthy diet, thanks for sharing. Don’t forget to feedback me with Saladmaster, 🙂

    1. Hi Matt, 

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. About saladmaster, there is a presentation that actually shows you more of what saladmaster is and how it helps in maintaining good health. Message me on Facebook my page is “Healthy African Flavours” 

  10. Thank you for this great post!

    I’m trying to eat healthier, I can’t say healthy.  Right now it’s a low carb thing for me but it’s high in fat, etc.  The potatoes and carrots clash with that diet at the moment.

    That said, I’m liking this recipe you have here.  Will you be sharing some more?

    Thanks again,


  11. Other than the fact that you gave us a great overview of what healthy meals is, you also break it down to minimal level of understanding and a sample of stewed chicken with boiled vegetable. I really enjoyed reading this post and besides, I love healthy eating too. I’m definitely going to try this meal out and if I like it, would incorporate it into my diet plan. Thanks for this post

  12. This is pretty impressive I must say. Most people underate the importance of eating good/healthy  food and inturn suffer from deficiency in lots of stuffs needed by the body. I’m sever cases it lead to poor performance of some organs, diseases and even death. I love the fact that you gave an example of an healthy mean and even the recipe, I’ll try it out and hopefully add it to my diet. 

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