Welcome to Keep Healthy website. In this post I’ll be reviewing a kitchen equipment called the ‘thermomix’

The Thermomix
The Thermomix

Can you imagine more than 20 kitchen utensils built into 1 equipment? Would you love to eat more healthy? Do you need to save some of the time you spend in the kitchen? Do you need to save some energy in food preparation? Do you want to know what exactly you are consuming in your food and what you are feeding your family? Very important do you wish to save some money? Here is a kitchen equipment that is built to answer all these questions. It is the Thermomix. Made by the German company called vorwerk.

The Thermomix

The newest version of the thermomix is the thermomix tm6. Its name is a description of what it does, heating and mixing I.e thermo and mix. This equipment is a mini kitchen on its own. It does the job of more than 20 kitchen equipments. The thermomix has a bright touch screen which makes it easy to understand and use. It comes with a software called Cookidoo, over 50,000 guided recipes are in Cookidoo. It saves you time, money and health.

It also comes with a book called simple ideas. This book introduces you to your thermomix, it shows you all the parts that come with the thermomix and explains what each part does. You will be introduced to a community of thermomix users so you are never alone.

Thermomix Parts
Thermomix Parts

Thermomix Parts

Mixing knife – stirs, mixes and chops. It’s reverse function does gentle shredding and stirring.

Spatula – is used in the mixing bowl and with the simmering basket.

Mixing bowl – is made of a high stainless steel. Here is where most of the action takes place.

Simmering basket – is suspended above the mixing knife for cooking and steaming.

Butterfly whisk – is used in whisking egg whites, soups, cream and mousses.

Mixing bowl lid – this is an important safety item built as part of the thermomix.

Measuring cup – measures up to 100ml. This cup also a cover for the middle of the mixing bowl lid.

Splash guard – protects from splashing of hot contents.

Varoma – this is a basket placed on the mixing bowl to steam vegetables, meat and fish. Excellent for moimoi.

Varoma tray – Sits on top of the veroma basket for some food steaming as well.

Varoma lid – covers the tray.

Thermomix touch screen
Thermomix touch screen

What can the Thermomix do?

The thermomix has more than 20 functions: It is a Kitchen Scale, a timer. And performs certain functions such as Blending. Whisking. Grating. Kneading. Kettle. Rice cooker. Sous-vide. Fermentation. Slow cooking. Grinding of coffee, nuts and sugar. Flour grains and nuts. The thermomix cooks at temperatures varying from 37 degrees centigrade to 120 degrees. You don’t have to be a chef or know how to cook to use a thermomix. It has a detailed step by step guide on every recipe.

African meals have been made easy to prepare with the help of the thermomix. 10 minutes! that’s the time it takes to mix and cook fufu. Boil some water in the thermomix using the kettle function. Pour in your yam flour, oat flour or whatever flour you want to use. Saute for 10 minutes setting the speed to 1 and the temperature to 100 degrees centigrade. 10 minutes and your fufu is ready to eat.

Cookidoo recipes
Cookidoo recipes

Recipes on the Thermomix

The thermomix comes with an inbuilt software. This software is called Cookidoo. More than 50,000 recipes from various countries are on the thermomix software. The recipes on Cookidoo are guided, you don’t have to be a chef or know how to cook before using Cookidoo. Cookidoo will take you step by step from the ingredients to the quantity of the ingredients. It then guides you in a very detailed way through the steps of cooking.

Meals made in thermomix

Oat Fufu
Oat Fufu

Oat Fufu – I prefer to make it from oat flakes since I have the thermomix. And I am sure I am eating just oats with no additives or preservatives. Pour two cups of oat flakes into a dry thermomix. Powder it by setting the function to turbo.

Plantain Fufu – peel unripe plantain and cut it into 2 – 3 cm chunks. Add water. Blend till smooth. Set thermomix to saute and saute it for 10 minutes at 100 degrees centigrade. And serve.

Pounded Yam – pour boiled yam into the bowl. Add a little water. Saute it for 10 minutes and serve.

Okra – No more stress in chopping your okra. The thermomix does it in 10 seconds.

African Tomato Stew – Chop onions and garlic, put them in the thermomix and add 2 table spoons of oil. Sauté for 7 minutes. Add tomatoes, bell peppers and scotch bonnet. Blend on full speed for 1 minute. Sauté for 25 minutes and serve.

Bean Cake
Bean Cake

Akara – Soak beans for about 2 hours. Pour soaked beans into the thermomix. Add a little water. Blend on full speed. Pour smooth blended beans into a bowl. Chop onions and one scotch bonnet pepper in thermomix, it takes 5 seconds. Add chopped onions and pepper to the blended beans. Add salt. Mix and fry.

Benefits of having a Thermomix

Health benefits. Are you worried about those confusing and complicated names printed on the nutrition labels on the packaging of the food you buy? Now you don’t need to worry because you can make any food from scratch in no time. After you have made some foods in your thermomix, you will never want to buy them again. I would never buy ice cream or pizza again. I made them in my thermomix, the taste and quality was and still is divine!

Financial benefits. The thermomix will save you money that would have gone into buying at least 20 kitchen gadgets. Also, you will save lots and lots of money by cooking with the thermomix. I used to spend almost £40 buying a pizza dinner. With the thermomix, I spend £15!

Time benefits: The thermomix works at such a fast speed, it frees up time you would have spent laboring in the kitchen. It would chop 1kg of onions in 4 seconds. Make akara in less than 1 hour! Fufu in 10 minutes!


How do I get one?

With the very busy schedule everyone has these days, Everybody needs a thermomix either they know it or not. The benefits outlined above are just a tip of the iceberg of the benefits you get when you have a thermomix! Dear reader you need one!

How do I get one of this amazing equipment? log into and please reference my Advisor ID: 210225853

If you have any question or comment leave some words below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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  1. Wow, thx for the review. This looks like an all in one type of kitchen gadget that everyone must have. It sure can make a variety of different things that it’s like multiple kitchen gadgets combining into one. We need to get one because we are foodies too. This is a great description of what this thing can make. I’ll definitely share this with my friends and family!

  2. Awesome machine. I love the versatility of it. 

    I Live in a country where some utensils have been in the family for generations, and are still used according to time period they were made.

    I tried to go to the website to see where they post to, but the website was not responding. It certainly looks like a good product.


  3. This sounds amazing! I am always trying to find great ways to eat healthier and get rid of toxic hazard tools such as a microwave. 

    This device seems very great and thank you for your great review on this. I have never heard of this device before but will look into it as I love to stay healthy and build longevity. 

    I believe if more people gave more thought to their well-being and health that we would not need medications or as many doctor visits. 

  4. Thank you for a thorough review of a great tool. Wow, this is really a kitchen all-in-one equipment. It seems to work like a breeze as well as it is of German quality. With the cookbook installed, it seems like an almost “automatic ” kitchen. It shouldn’t be difficult finding something to make for dinner with this kitchen tool.

    Further, on equipment “to rule them all” will make it easier to prepare your meals, and make the process of doing the dishes a lot easier. It will save a lot of time in a busy daily schedule. The example of preparing African meals with Thermomix is great. It gives a good description of how easy it is to use the tool.


  5. Thermomix for the book ‘simple ideas’ Is ,a book link available from the German manufacturer’s website? I really enjoyed reading about the ‘Meals made in thermomix. Thank you for providing a link from your website to their product. Is the thermomix easy to clean? Can additional accessories be bought with it?
    I really enjoyed your product review of the Thermomix! 

  6. I am absolutely impressed by this kitchen appliance! I have to get one as I spend most days in the kitchen, cooking for my family. This equipment will aid me in finding more recipes and makes my cooking time a whole lot better!

    I am so fascinated by all the parts it offers and you are saving a whole lot of money with it all combined in one, for you! A versatile and necessary kitchen equipment indeed! 

  7. Thanks for sharing this great review with us. I had never heard of it but it looks amazing. And I also think that one can save on space, that it might be ideal for small kitchens, one-person households. I can picture myself having 20-kitchens in one !

    Maybe you can put a direct link in your article to the seller.

  8. Tanks for sharing an excellent useful partners in the kitchen. I like all the functions of the equipment particular that it save place and time.I have a tight schedule and almost exhausted when I go home. It is good idea to have a helpers that share my workload. Not to mention there is always limited place in the kitchen. Have a tools with multiple functions is always a adding advantages. 

  9. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review. I am really thrilled by this kitchen equipment, i have never heard about it before now. It’s ability to multitask is mind blowing, i am surely getting one of this, thank you for this

  10. Hello there! Thank you for dropping this article on keep healthy African diet. I have gone through the article and I find it very interesting and it also possesses valuable information. The thermomix is indeed the perfect kitchen equipment. What makes me intrigued about the equipment is it’s multitasking ability from blending things to preserving them and other functions, a really wonderful equipment and a must have. Thank you for sharing this. 

  11. This thermomix is the perfect kitchen instrument that can really make the difference. For one, it can help to blend many things together and especially, help in the way of deciding and limiting some other tools in the kitchen. This is surely a must get for everyone out there. Thank you here for sharing here

  12. Hello there, thank you for sharing this informative article which is centered on what a thermomix is and what it does. This is my first Time of hearing of the thermomix And I am wowed at Its function. A single machine performing more than 20 functions In the kitchen is really awesome, it’s simplicity also is great. I will be sure to get one of this and also recommend to friends and families are

  13. This is really a great deal of kitchen equipment, what makes it very interesting is the fact that one body is housing lots of other parts that are very essential to the kitchen, thermomix is a good product and  i love how you share it, it’ll help people to know about it and iys good that it’s not expensive.

  14. Well, this is going to be a perfect buy for a bachelor who is always very busy with work. I will most definitely be looking to buy this one because of its ability to be multifunctional and also Dave me so much time too. I really love the way it works and I’ll be happy to buy one. Thank you so much for the good info on this thermomix.

  15. I have been using my thermomix ever since quarantine started and let me tell you, it has been a life saver and an amazing addition to my kitchen gadgets. I’m mostly the one to use this product but my family – especially my grandma – have been really interested towards trying new things out and this little gadget has been on her radar for some weeks now (I think) which is also great. There’s no better recommendation than this one, on that I can clearly speak about. 

  16. Having more than 20 kitchen items built into 1 device sound like a great space saver to me. I definitely need a Thermomix.

    I appreciate you have included a bunch of examples of the things we can do with this device. I love Plantain Fufu and am excited to see it listed. Thank you very much for reviewing Thermomix.

  17. Hello There! this is an Amazing product, No other word for it, bloody amazing! After purchasing the Thermomix, my fallen arches weren’t fallen any longer, all the grey in my hair disappeared, and my dog started talking! It’s too bad that jealous relations had me sent to a “spa” upstate

  18. This is definitely a next gen equipment to have in the kitchen. I am definitely showing this to my wife. Though I actually came across this here for the very first time but seeing all that it possesses here, they all make sense to see out here and it is just simply awesome to see here. Wow! I’m really amazed at what this can do

  19. This is indeed one very cleverly made decide and I am stunned at what it could do even as a single device. The ability to masks or serve many purposes makes it very valuablee and this thermomix is a device that all home should own to safe you some stress and have you do your job in time

  20. What? I am just so surprised to see about this appliance. I mean, it has so many functions that it is hard to tell what it doesn’t do at all. I have already read this review from A to Z and I like everything. It would be very nice for me to buy this and the fact that there is some nice health benefits to it is so nice.

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