Mother's Day

It’s that time of the year again. The day you honour and celebrate that one irreplaceable special person in your life. Your mother. Are you looking for those special and unique Mother’s Day presents to give mother this year? Why not make it something healthy. I mean something that would get her started on more healthy habits. Ranging from a meal, a recipe book, a cookware set or exercise. Here are a few ideas: 


A Fitbit

The Alta Fitbit
The Alta Fitbit

A Fitbit is an activity tracker. It is a wireless technology device that takes data. The Fitbit counts the number of steps you take in a day, the calories you burnt that day, the number of floors you climbed, the length of time you were active and even knows the type of activity you engaged in. It also tells you the amount of kilometres you walked in a day, the length and type of sleep you had. You can also use it to keep track of your weight gain or loss. Food and water intake can be recorded and monitored with the aid of a Fitbit. The Fitbit helps you engage in healthy habits without putting stress on you. This is the ideal present for mother on her special day! 

Here are some Fitbit types to choose from: (1) The charge 2 (2) The Alta or (3) The Alta HR to get one click here. 


Saladmaster set

A Saladmaster Set
A Saladmaster Set

The Saladmaster cookware set is the perfect present for your mother. She will absolutely love it! A Saladmaster set is a set of cookware made of 3 layers of metal. The inner part of the cookware, which is the part our food comes in contact with is made of 316 titanium. This means mummy’s food will never be contaminated with metal. This cookware prevents toxins from getting into our food. Saladmaster cooks at 86 degrees centigrade, locking in our food nutrients. It is a great heat conductor, it acts like an oven, you can even bake a cake on your burner. Saladmaster cooks in less time than the ordinary cookware saving you precious time. Get one for mummy, she will forever thank you for it. To order a set, send me an email:


Healthy Hamper 

Another lovely present for mummy will be a basket full of goodies, not the sweet and chocolate kind but a basket full of items that will keep mummy in good health. Let the hamper have some healthy items like; Fruit tea, honey, fruit sugar, dark chocolate, Oat cookies, dried fruits, garlic, kitchen scales, walnuts and almonds. Remember to decorate the basket with some beautiful ribbons and put in it a nice Mother’s Day card! 


Recipe Book 

I’m sure mummy would love to try cooking and making some unique meals or drinks. Get her some unique recipe books. Some suggestions are: Smoothie recipes  – Salad recipes – low calorie meals or low fat meals.


Gym membership 

At the Gym
At the Gym

Exercise is one of the best things to engage in for a healthier you. Recent research shows that some form of exercise actually reverse the aging process. Exercise helps loose weight, improve health conditions, activates the body metabolism, improves the mood and keeps the brain healthier. Going to a gym will help mummy keep up with the routine of regular exercise. She doesn’t have to do too much at a time, her exercise just has to be consistent. Do you want to have a happier and more healthy mother? Register her at a gym. 



Peak performance 

Peak Performance food supplement
Peak Performance food supplement

This is a food supplement that helps the body perform at it’s peak healthwise. Peak performance contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanical extracts and omega-3 fatty acids. It also corrects some anomalies in the body. It would lower the blood pressure. Lower bad cholesterol in the body. Eliminate stress. Improve vision. And lots more. You want to see mother age gracefully? Start her on peak performance. To get mother’s pack send an email. to  



An Aid to write about her passion 

Wealthy Affiliate Banner
Wealthy Affiliate Banner

Does your mother have something she is passionate about? Cooking? Music? Health? Would she want to write about her passion and possibly make some money from the comfort of her home? Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect gift.  It is an online school school which teaches how to build, maintain and populate a website with the right type of content. Everything she needs to get started is on this link. Click here. And it’s free to start! 


Mother’s Day Meal 

Oat Fufu with Okra Soup
Oat Fufu with Okra Soup

Oat fufu with Okra soup. This is a very healthy meal that is ideal for mother on her special day. Let mother put up her feet while you take over the kitchen and cook her this healthy delicious meal. 

Ingredients: Oat flour. Fresh Okra. Dried fish. Beef. Onions. Scotch bonnet pepper. Tomato. Palm oil. Spices. 

Method: For Fufu, in a pot bring 500 ml of water to boil. Add 2 cups of oat fufu flour into the boiling water and mix into a smooth thick paste. Add 250 ml of water and boil for about 5 minutes. Mix and serve. For Okra soup, cut beef into 1 inch cubes put in a pot with dried fish and boil. Blend tomato, bell pepper, one Scotch Bonnet pepper and onion into a smooth paste. Add blended mix to the cooking meat. Add spices. Cook till meat and fish are very soft. Grate the fresh Okra and add it to the cooked meat stew. Add palm oil. Boil for about 10 minutes, mix and serve. 

Health benefits: Oats help lower cholesterol in the body. Okra helps regulate body sugar. It is very good in treating diabetes. 


Mother’s Day Gifts Idea 

Make this year’s Mother’s Day the best one your mother has ever had. There are so many gifts you could give her just make sure the gift you give her makes her healthy. You could choose from a Fitbit, a Saladmaster cookware set, a hamper, a recipe book, gym membership, peak performance, wealthy Affiliate or just a grand meal for the day. Plant a perfect present in mummy’s life today that will grow her into healthy habits and a healthier her!

So what present did you get for mummy or you think is best for her? Let me know, leave a comment.






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  1. Great ideas for Mother’s day presents. I’ll have to take a look at them and see if there are any I can use.

    I usually try to give my mother breakfast in bed on Mother’s day, so I’ll definitely be taking a look at the oat fufu meal. Is that a breakfast food, or should I serve her ‘supper’ in bed?

    1. Hi Cyrus,

      Thanks for coming by my site. Oat Fufu can be eaten as breakfast but not advisable. It is much better as lunch or dinner.

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