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Tomato and Pepper Stew

This is a popular African stew. It has a red colour and can be described as a blended version of salsa. African red stew is a unique combination of vegetables and spices boiled in oil. It is consumed in main meals as well as being used as a dip with chips and toast. I call it the world’s healthiest African stew and that’s because it is made of a mixture of the world’s most healthy vegetables.

The vegetables in this stew are tomatoes, bell peppers, scotch bonnets and onions. These vegetables are blended in a certain proportion, usually

Ingredients for stew
Ingredients for stew

3 medium tomatoes,

1 bell pepper,

1 scotch bonnet and

1 medium onion




Vegetables diced to make stew
Vegetables diced to make stew

These cut into 1 inch cubes, blended into a smooth paste and are boiled in oil and spices. You could also give it a meat, fish or poultry flavour by adding gravy to the mix. Cook till thick or desired consistency and serve with: rice, toast, pasta, fufu, yam, boiled potatoes and fries.


This (3 Tomato, 1 Bell Pepper, 1 Scotch Bonnet, 1 Onion) proportion can be made in multiples and stored in the freezer. It can be frozen for 6 months.




This African Stew is perfect for:

  • A strong immune system
  •  Low calorie intake
  • Strong bones
  • A healthy skin
  • A healthy hair
  • A healthy heart
  • Weight loss
  • Fat burning
  • Cancer prevention



BLendtec Total Blender
Blendtec Total Blender

To make a perfect stew,

you need the perfect tool.

I would recommend the Blendtec blender. It would blend your vegetables into a perfectly smooth paste in less than one minute.

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  1. Reading this made my mouth water! It sounds absolutely delicious and seems very easy to make as well. I love the idea of using it as a dip for chips or toast. As you mention, I imagine you could make quite a large quantity and freeze it easily.

    Where can I buy the Blendtec total blender? It would be good to see a link on your page 🙂

  2. You might find this funny, but I had to google “what is a scotch bonnet”. I have no idea if it’s because they aren’t popular in Canada where I live, or if I have just been grocery shopping with my eyes closed in the produce section for the last 15-20 years LOL. I read that it’s a pretty “hot” pepper… can I substitute a more mild pepper (maybe a bell pepper) or would that ruin the recipe too much? I love spicey, but my kids not so much.
    Either way though, this healthy African stew looks tasty! Have you ever serve it hot over noodles… like a tomato sauce for pasta? Or is it too thin for that?

    1. Hi Marlaine,

      The main ingredients are tomato(4), bell pepper (1), onion(1) and scotch bonnet. You can use half or a quarter of one scotch bonnet but please don’t leave it out.

      Yes I serve it on noddles, pasta and rice all the time. It’s quite thick.

      Thanks for coming by and let me know how you get on with this sauce (Africans call it stew)

  3. Hi, when I saw your website I got really excited about it. I’m a real foodie and am also always looking to lose weight. I love trying new things and I think you have found a great niche idea so I really love a lot of the work you have already put into your website. Personally I was a bit disappointed that the meal plans aren’t there yet or the recipes from the different countries but I’m sure they won’t be far off. Not having the best eyesight, I didn’t find the bright green writing on the right hand side very easy to read but overall I think you have done a great job so far. Good luck for the future

    1. Hi, Thanks for coming by, I am happy you like my site. Yes, the meal plans and recipes will be up soon. Please come back soon for the updates.

  4. This looks amazing! Especially as we are coming into winter here in the UK and these bright, colored vegetables are less apparent in our eating. Some of the ingredients sound quite spicy – is this the case, or does the cooking take some of the “heat” out? Cooking for a family I need to make sure it’s not too hot for our daughter.

    1. Thanks Mara, You only have to use as little spice as you want to (1 scotch bonnet so your stew is not too spicy. Very soon I will be posting recipes.

  5. I used to grow Scotch Bonnets so when I make this I will probably have steam coming from my ears! Sounds good and looks like a good accompaniment to lots of dishes especially pork and chicken. I have a good friend from Mauritius and your recipes remind me of hers.

  6. Hey.

    This sounds lovely and it’s always a bonus knowing that it’s a healthy recipe!

    Is this recipe gluten free? I’ve got an intolerance to gluten and have trouble finding foods that I can actually eat. It seems like it would be free from gluten but I can’t be sure without knowing exactly what goes into it.


    1. Thanks Hannah,
      The four main ingredients in this stew are gluten free in their raw state. If you blend them into a smooth paste and cook them with your oil and spices, Yes you have a gluten free meal!

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