BLendtec Total Blender

Product: Blendtec Total Blender

Price: £ 425.00 / $349.00

Place to buy: Amazon UK / Amazon US

Size: H38.1 x W17.8 x D20.3 cm

Capacity: 2.2 Litres

Power: 1560 watts

Rating: 4/5


I got the Blendtec Total blender at Christmas in 2014. It has been my total kitchen life saver. My stews and smoothies are now made smooth and in less time than I used to make them. In less than a minute my smoothie is in my glass. I have even been able to experiment on new recipes and African recipes. I am into cooking African recipes with a healthy twist to them. The Blendtec has helped me in producing healthy African meals, soups, fufu, drinks and smoothies.

The Blendtec total blender has 2 major units:

(A) The Motor Base; has the touch pad with 6 pre-programmed cycles, these cycles will go fast, slow down and stop depending on what cycle you are using. The touch pad also has a pulse button and 2 speed control buttons. There is also the LCD information screen which displays the status of the unit, any fault in the blender and the number of times a cycle has been used. The blender drive socket on top of the motor base. The power switch and the power cord at the back of the motor base.

(B) The Jar Assemble; has a two part vented gripper Lid, it also has the 2 Liter four side jar and the long blade.


The Blendtec is a powerful multipurpose tool. A must have for any kitchen hoping to produce healthy meals. Press one of the 6 buttons on the touch pad and you could be making a Smoothie, fresh juice, ice cream, Soup, bread dough and more. Here are some of its common uses:

Fruit / Vegetable Smoothies

Whole Juices

Ice creams and frozen yogurt

Sauces, Dips, Dressings and Batters

Soups, Stews, syrups and fondues

Bread dough, cake mix and fufu


  • The Blendtec jar is BPA free.
  • It’s flat cycle buttons prevent unsanitary accumulations
  • It saves time, anything you want to prepare is ready in 90 seconds or less.
  • The vented lid allows steam to escape while warm contents are blended
  • It has a large 2 litre jar
  • Blendtec gives you a smooth and consistent blend
  • It is very easy to clean and store
  • My Blendtec has an 8 year warranty on it

For ease in the preparation of your smoothies, stews, other food or drinks and to cut down the time you spend in the kitchen, get your Blendtec Total Blender today!

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  1. I love smoothies and soups and basically any blended things that help me eat better! The great thing about blenders is there is little to no nutrition lost and you can pack a lot of less fun things to eat in your smoothie or soup and not really notice it. I think that a blender is a MUST-have in any kitchen period so thank you for this review – sounds like a perfect gift too.

  2. How do you think the Blendtec compares to the Ninja blender?. I haven’t really heard too much about blendtec brand, but I am shopping around for a gift for my Wife. From reading your review I am leaning towards the Blendtec blender. I like that it has survived 2 years in your kitchen without needing to be replaced.

    1. I am sure your wife will love it. The BLendtec is not just a blender like the Ninja, it’s a multipurpose tool in the kitchen, it also comes with a recipe book. I’ve been enjoying mine for the past two years. Please order your BLendtec by clicking on the Amazon link on my site. You will also get to read lots of more reviews which like mine will assure you you are making the right decision.

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