Saladmaster Electric Skillet

Saladmaster electric Skillet

What exactly is the Saladmaster electric Skillet? What is it made of? What are its components and how do they work? What can you do with the Saladmaster electric Skillet? And how long can the Saladmaster electric skillet last? There are some health benefits that come with using this electric skillet, what are they? Are there any recipes for the skillet?

The skillet
The skillet

The Saladmaster electric skillet is a 12” (30.5 cm) stainless steel electric oil core skillet made of Titanium 316Ti stainless steel. It comes with a cover and versa touch technology. It is constructed with oil core to make sure heat is evenly distributed all over the bottom and sides of it when food is being cooked. The Saladmaster skillet can be set to the exact temperature and time needed for cooking by using the versa touch electronic probe. With this skillet you can fry, grill, roast, bake and boil. It does everything in form of cooking one would wish to do in the kitchen. For cleaning, the electric skillet can be totally immersed in water once the detachable probe is dethatched. More good news, it has a lifetime guarantee!

Electric skillet Parts  

  • Touch pad – This is the control unit for the skillet. It is a handheld size which is inserted into the side of the skillet on one end and connected to electricity on the other end. The touch pad has a built in timer, temperature key and a rice setting. These controls set the desired time and temperature to cook.
  • Stainless steel – The highest quality of stainless steel, Titanium 316Ti is the metal used in making the skillet. It does not chip, crack, rust or corrode. This metal does not react with food when cooking and is an excellent heat conductor which helps in reducing cooking time.
  • Handles – Two black handles curving downward as stands are placed on both sides of the skillet. These handles are made of ebonite and they do not get hot while cooking.
  • Oil core – This layer at the base of the skillet enhances equal heat distribution over the cooking surface and the sides of the skillet. It makes sure the food cooks evenly and still keeps food warm for about an hour after the skillet has been switched off.

What can the electric skillet do?

  • The Skillet fries
    The Skillet fries

    Fry – The Saladmaster electric Skillet fries meat, poultry, fish and other food with very little or no oil.





  • The skillet bakes
    The skillet bakes

    Bake – The Saladmaster electric skillet once covered while cooking locks and cooks under pressure which makes it act like an oven. You can bake a cake in this skillet.





  • Grilled Fish
    Grilled Fish

    Grill – Meat, fish and poultry are grilled beautifully using the Saladmaster skillet.




  • A rice cooker – The skillet cooks all varieties of rice using the rice setting
  • Popped Corn
    Popped Corn

     The Skillet pops corn excellently.






  • Cooks frozen food – Are you needing to make something quick for the family? Or just yourself? This Skillet cooks Frozen pizza, hash brown, garlic bread and frozen oven fries,  anyone of these foods will be ready within 15 minutes.


  • Reduces oil intake – To fry in the Saladmaster skillet, you only need very little (1 table spoon or 8 sprays) or no oil at all.
  • Retains food nutrients – When covered, the skillet cooks at 85*C. At this temperature all germs are killed and nutrients in the food are still intact.
  • No added metal in your meal – The Saladmaster skillet is made of Titanium Ti316 metal. This is the exact same metal planted in the human body for a hip replacement. This metal is also used in building aeroplanes and is used on oil rigs. When food is cooked in it, there is no reaction between the metal and your food. You eat delicious healthy food! No metal! No toxins!
  • Saves time – The Saladmaster skillet cooks at less than half the time of a conventional cookware or oven.
  • Ease of cleaning – (1) the electric Skillet goes safely in the dish washer. (2) Wash your skillet with washing up liquid and a soft sponge. (3) For tough stains, soak your skillet in water for an hour or two then wash it with a soft sponge and soap.

Electric Skillet Recipes

The skillet will cook anything and everything from meat, fish and poultry to pasta, pizza and rice to popcorn, cakes and pies. Here are a sample of skillet recipes.

  • Fried Chicken – Heat the skillet to 230*C. Place 6 – 8 pieces of chicken thighs spread evenly in the heated skillet. Partly cover and let it fry for 14 minutes. Flip the chicken pieces over and fry for 12 minutes. It is ready to eat.
  • Grilled Chicken – Place 6-8 pieces of chicken in a heated up Skillet. Partly cover and let it fry for 14 minutes. Flip chicken over, add chopped onions, tomato, pepper and spices. Cover completely and wait for valve to click. Enjoy!
  • Fried Fish – Set the skillet to 230*C. Clean the fish and cut into desirable sizes. Spray 1calorie oil evenly on the skillet. Place fish on and let it fry for 15 minutes. Flip over and fry fish for 10 minutes. Enjoy!
  • Grilled fish
  • Rice – Using the set the touch pad, set the skillet to Rice 1.

The Saladmaster electric skillet is a mini kitchen on its own. It bakes, boils, fries, Grills It is also the best rated electric skillet, and hence it is popularly called the ‘super woman’. To get your electric skillet leave a comment or by clicking here


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