A Saladmaster Set

If you have a passion to eat healthy and live healthy, Saladmaster cookware is a cookware that helps you improve on the way you have been cooking.

What is Saladmaster?

A health company with it’s headquarters in America. It started in 1946. The very first appliance saladmaster made is it’s very famous food processor, a master of chopping fruits and vegetables. Through the years, Saladmaster has expanded into a whole range of a very special cookware. Saladmaster has transformed lives all over the world by helping people eat healthy food.

Benefits of Saladmaster

  • Cooks at 86 degrees centigrade – At 63 degrees all germs are dead, at 100 degrees nutrients are also dead. At 86 degrees, all germs in the food are dead and the nutrients in the food are still very intact.
  • Fries without oil – It is very possible to fry chicken, fish and some other food without oil. How? Use Saladmaster.
  • Cooks vegetables without water – vegetales are cooked in their own juices locking in all vitamins necessary for a healthy body
  • Does not pollute the food with metal – Being made of the highest quality of stainless steel (Titanium Ti316) the cookware metal does not mingle, react or mix into the food being cooked in it.
  • Saladmaster keeps your food hot for 45 minutes.
  • Boosts the body immune system – necessary vitamins needed to boost the immune system are retained in the cooked food.
  • Helps fight obesity – With the help of saladmaster, you will be able to prepare meals with little or no fats and oil.
  • Saves you money on your bills – Studies done on Saladmaster cookware show that it consumes less than 50% of the energy you will use with any other cookware.
  • Limited lifetime warrantee – guarantee last for the lifetime of the current customer.


Saladmaster comes in various sets of individual items combined to suit your need.

The Saladmaster Food Processor
The Saladmaster Food Processor

The food processor – When saladmaster started in 1946 this was the first and only thing they made. It is a master of fruits and salads. The food processor works at the speed of 6 people chopping with a knife. No kitchen is complete without it.


Saladmaster Electric Skillet
Saladmaster Electric Skillet

The electric skillet – This is a mini kitchen on it’s own. It can boil, fry, grill, BBQ and bake. Any form of cooking you do in the kitchen is done by this skillet. It also is a rice cooker. It has temperature settings and time settings on it making it safe to leave it on and multi task on other things

The sauce pan – The sauce pan comes in various sizes from the smallest which is 1 quart to the largest which is 16 quart. It has a valve on it’s lid that regulates it’s cooking temperature to 86 degrees centigrade. Keeps nutrients from escaping from your food and does not react with your food.

The skillet – The skillet has a flat shape similar to a Frying pan. It also has the 86 degree valve on it’s lid. You can fry and bake a cake on the burner with it.

For more information about saladmaster click on this link

Healthy Saladmaster meals

The saladmaster cookware is great in cooking African meals. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.


Yam and vegetable
Yam and Vegetable

Yam with vegetable stew – you want to know what yam is supposed to taste like? Cook it in saladmaster! The vegetable does not turn brown when cooked in saladmaster, it retains a very rich green colour.





Ripe Plantain
Ripe Plantain

Plantain – Do not Immerse your plantain in water when cooking. Steam them at 86 degrees centigrade. Saladmaster retains the taste and nutrients in the plantain.






Sadza meal with fish
Zimbabwe Sadza meal with fish

Zimbabwe Sadza meal – Cornmeal with sauce and fish. The fish in this meal was fried without oil.







400g of Jollof Rice
400g of Jollof Rice

Jollof rice – Here is Saladmaster Jollof rice, cooked without oil. Traditionally, to cook jollof rice you require a lot of oil for two reasons. One to fry the onions and sauce. Two to make sure that not too much of it is burnt while cooking. Saladmaster will achieve both reasons with little or no oil.




Fried rice – Can you see the richness of the vegetable colours in this meal? This rice meal is packed with vitamins!




Okra Soup
Okra Prawn Soup

Okra soup. – Saladmaster Okra cooked with 1 tablespoon of palm oil retains the green in the okra. Indicating the no nutrient is lost.







Frying with oil spray
Frying with oil spray

Eggs – Saladmaster fried eggs do not get coloured if left in the frying pan. Require only oil spray or 1 tablespoon of oil.







The skillet bakes
The skillet bakes

Moi moi – You don’t need to wrap your moi moi in unhealthy aluminium foil or dangerous plastic bags. Blend your beans, mix in all spices. Pour your mixture into a saladmaster and bake on the burner.






Saladmaster, a must for you

If you are thinking of improving on your already healthy eating or starting a healthy journey saladmaster is your best starting point. To know how to get your Saladmaster set, leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will get back to you within 24 hours

Keeping healthy is not what you do, it’s who you are!





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  1. Oh! It is quite nice to see this here. You know? Being able to be here with everyone else and learn about how great this cookware is.  Though I am not much of a chef but I do well enough in the kitchen for myself qmd I know the significance of a cookware in the kitchen. Thank you for your overview here. It was really helpful I must say

  2. Hello,

    I myself live in Belgium and I love cooking and gastronomy where the world cuisine plays an important role for me. it was very pleasant to discover your website and get to know new African dishes. It is a pity we don’t have any African restaurants (as far as I know). Maybe in the capital Brussels?

    Because of my disability, I can no longer cook myself, but the recipes you show seem to be very tasty. I like chicken and rice a lot and this is covered enough on your site …

    So, your topic is highly recommended for people like me!

    Our Belgian culture is mainly focused on our own kitchen and French cuisine. Although there are many Chinese restaurants located in Belgium. (there are hundreds!)

    I don’t have the means to try out gastronomy in Africa and that’s why I think it’s so pleasant to visit your site.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,,


  3. What a wonderful overview you gave us there. The Saladmaster set seems very complete and state of the ar cookware. Where can one buy this set? Does one need to buy the whole set at once or can piece by piece be bought too?

    I like the fact you review each African dish and how one can benefit from the saladmaster when making it.

    1. Hi Karin, 

      Thanks for your comment 

      I am a senior consultant at saladmaster 

      Please message me on my Facebook page for more details “Keep Healthy African Diet” 

  4. Thanks for making a view on SaladMaster Cookware. I had a cousin come to my house for a cooking party and I must say that I did taste the difference with the food being prepared.

    It was amazing, I almost purchased a set but need to wait until my finances allow me to do so. I do believe that the cookware will keep you and your food healthy and not have your food absorb all of the harmful chemicals that other cookware leave in your food. 

    I really hope that this cookware becomes available to more people around the world so that they can cook great tasting food, without worrying about what harmful chemical is being absorbed into their foods and bodies. 

  5. You have covered some vital information in your article about the Sladmaster Cookware. The information that nutrients are kept in the food you prepare as long as you do not use more than 83 degrees Celsius cooking temperature, is essential information.

    Also, the fact that the Sladmaster Cookware is very versatile in the way you can use it to prepare your food is beneficial. It seems from your article that the quality of the Cookware is very high. The importance of the metal of the products do not smitten to the food you prepare, cannot be understated.

    With the electrical skillet, you seem to have a “wonder tool”, that can prepare most of the food you need during the day.

    Is the Saladmaster Cookware available in regular shops, or do you have to order it only from the Internet?


    1. Hi Roy, thanks for your comment. 

      Saladmaster does not sell their products in shops 

      I’m a senior consultant with saladmaster.

      You can order the saladmaster from me.

      Message me on Facebook. “Keep Healthy African Diet” page 

  6. It is very good that you posted this article about saladmaster cookware, I find it very detailed and informative too because it has enlightened me about what this product is about and the necessary things to be known about it. I really like the fact that it does not pollute food with metals, that’s quite good.

  7. Wow my eyes, almost popped while reading the benefits of cooking with salad master cookware , I cant believe that you said it has been there since1946 but i just never heard about it .I like the idea of frying without oil, cooking veges without water and how much it saves of electricity.

    It should be a declared a must for everyone endeavoring to live and eat healthy. Thank you for the article.

  8. Hello there, having a complete set of cookware is something you’ll appreciate a lot because you’ll not be in need of anything when its time to make some specific meal. For me I have suffered a lot for not having the right salad maker and I’ve decided not to go through that again. These are some really nice wares and I hope to get one soon

  9. I have heard about this salad master before but I thought it as a group of chops for making salads. Now that I made my own research, I see that I is something entirely different from that. I think the group of pans that you showed me here are all very good and I would really like to buy this too. Thanks for the information.

  10. For someone that just changed to another environment in general. What you have swre here is really good and I value it all. Thanks so much for sharing such a post as this with us here. Saying the fact that this can really make the difference for us in cooking and achieving uniformity in cooking too. I like this cookware and all the things you have written about it here

  11. This is so informative and so different from what’s out there, to say the least!

    I didn’t know it was possible to fry in such a way, especially without oil. It seem much less greasy than the usual way.

    The Saladmaster Cookware looks great for all around cooking, not just salad. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. It is always beautiful to see people make a post about African Dishes. Thanks for this post.
    Then the saladmaster, I am still surprise on you can cook a jellof rice without oil to fry the sauce and other ingredient. This saladmaster cookware must be something I must use soonest. How do I get it? Is it on Amazon?
    Thanks once again

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