Here is a catalog of items that would help on your health journey




The Vitamix smoothie maker

Vitamix Smoothie maker
Vitamix Smoothie maker

Product: Vitamix Blender

This smoothie maker is perfect for any kitchen.

It is compact for storage. The energy this blender emits produces a perfect smoothie in less than a minute. If you like your smoothie cold this blender crushes ice with ease to give you a chilled glass of smoothie.








Title: African Flavours; Stews and Soups

African Stew and Soup
African stew and soup

Author: Ronke Aina


Place to buy: Outskirts press 







Title: Food Matters; The Recipe Book

Food Matters Recipe Book
Food Matters Recipe Book

Author: James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch

Price: $29.99

Place to buy: Food Matters

Content: 84 gluten free recipes 






The Beach Body

Body Gospel Kit
Body Gospel Kit

Product: Body Gospel

Price: £9.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Contents: 4 DVDs, Transformation Guide, 3-Day Jump Start Plan, Nutrition  Guide, Basic 10 cards, Bands and measurement tracking card







Speaking about health, here’s how you can learn to be healthy in a financial way. Wealthy Affiliate  will teach you step by step everything you need to know about making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate would teach you how to build something you love doing and talking about into a website and into a business empire.

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  1. Hi there,

    great products!

    One of my good friends is looking for a way to eat healthier. She is always in a hurry, and she doesn’t have much time for herself. So I thought of offering her a book recipes. I am sure she will find it useful!
    I really like the Food Matter book; it seems to have all sorts of tasty recipes in it. Anyway, I would like your opinion. What book would be best for a busy woman?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Thanks Daniella,

      I don’t think your friend needs a recipe book. To eat healthy she has to take on some healthy habits, these habits are in my post: “Natural ways to stay young” 

  2. The Vitamix that you advertise is something I had bought over eleven years ago. They have a seven-year warranty on it, but I never needed to use it. I still use my Vitamix to this day.

    It is the best blender I have ever purchased and worked like the day I bought it. Not only does it make great smoothies and drinks but hot soups as well. Leave out the ice and run for 3 minutes and you have soup.

    I also have a dry container for making flour with the blender as well. They just use a different blade design so you can create flour from various dried foods.

    Well worth the money!

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