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Natural ways to look younger! Really? You want to look younger than your actual age? Is that even possible? Yes it is! You just have to take on some simple habits and keep at them everyday. Everyone is growing older everyday but it really gets real to you when you turn 40 years old and more real when you are 50 years old. You know you are growing old, you just want to age gracefully. 



Water is made up from 2 portions of hydrogen and 1 portion of oxygen. The sun powers the whole world and it is made of hydrogen. You can only imagine how much power runs through your body every time you drink water.  Water hydrates, cleans, dilutes and flushes. If you drink 2 liters of water everyday, it will do all this in your body, the result will be a healthier and younger looking you. Water helps the body absorb nutrients, it will also hydrate you and make your skin less wrinkly. Water regulates the body temperature. Water makes your body alkaline and unhealthy for cancer growth. 

– Drink 8 (250ml) glasses of water every day.

– Drink 500 – 750ml of water fist thing in the morning on an empty stomach. One glass before a meal, one glass before a shower and one glass before going to bed. 

– Drink warm water 

– Relax in a hot bath (not a shower) at least twice a month. 


Smoothies, juices and other drinks 

A variety of smoothies
A variety of smoothies

Smoothie – One cup of smoothie a day will definitely keep the doctor far from you.  A smoothie is a combination of fruits, fruits and vegetables or just vegetables blended into a liquid paste. I always prefer smoothies to juices. They have both the pulp and the juice. Take a cup of smoothie a day.




Juice – A juice is the fluid in fruits, vegetables or foods extracted for drinking. Juices are good but they don’t have the pulp. Always make your juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid juices made from concentrate. 

Alcohol – Drink less or no alcohol. It is very bad for you. 

Tea – Fruit tea, green tea and herb teas are the healthier options of tea

Fizzy drinks – avoid fizzy drinks they add unnecessary calories and sugar to your body. Drinking fizzy will make you increase in weight. You will also age rapidly! 



Food plate
Food plate

We have to eat every day. One very important point to always keep in mind is: “anything you eat is either helpful to your health or destroying your health!” 




No fried food – Fried food takes 8 times longer to digest than boiled or raw food. Also frying food puts a lot of fat in the body. Fat does not digest completely, excess fat from our food stores itself in the blood arteries.

Cook your vegetables without water. This helps retain the vitamins and minerals that would have been dissolved in the water used to cook them. 

Cook your food at 86 degrees centigrade. At 63 degrees all germs in the food is eliminated but at 100 degrees most of the nutrients in the food is dead! 

Root food – Yam, potato, sweet potatoes and carrots are root foods. Most of their nutrients are just under the skin. Cook your root food with its skin. 

Chew your food counting to 20 before swallowing. It makes you get filled quicker and reduces the amount of food you consume.

Eat your meals in smaller servings 

Avoid processed food. Use fresh food for most if not all of your cooking. 

Eat less meat and avoid meat with fat on them. 

Do not eat meals late at night 

Eat more vegetables and proteins than carbohydrates 

Fruit – Have some fruit every day. Five portions a day is recommended.

Sugar  – Do not take sugar or foods with sugar! It becomes an addiction and it speeds up the aging process. Use honey or fruit sugar instead. 



At the Gym
At the Gym

Exercise – avoid sitting for a long time, don’t sit for more than an hour. If you work in a sitting position, give yourself quick walk breaks. Take a walk to the local grocery shop instead of driving. Start taking the bus or train to work so you can walk to and from the stations. 



Walk – walk for at least half an hour 5 days to 7 out of 7 days a week. 

– go for a walk on an empty stomach, you will loose more calories that way.

Workout  – jog  – dance. Keep active, you need 1 hour of exercise every day. You could join a gym.

Get yourself a Fitbit. It would help you keep up with all the above points. You wear it round your wrist like a wrist watch. Sync it with your phone to keep track of all your exercises. 


Peaceful sleep
Peaceful sleep

Our sleep time is when we completely relax.  Sleep promotes physical recovery and mental restoration. Sleep helps us get and feel refreshed. An ideal sleeping schedule would be to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 6am. 

– 8 hours of sleep is needed every day. 

– sleep in a dark room 


Healthy Habits 

Healthy habits
Healthy habits

Talk less (it drains) and act more (it’s fulfilling). 

Smile and Laugh more. You use less face muscles than when you frown. 

Don’t smoke! It kills! 

Spend less time watching the television. TV watching makes you less active. 

Watch your weight, make sure it never ever gets too much for your height and age. 

Join a social group. Play games, dine out, go for a walk in the park and do a whole lot more with them 

A younger you 

The key to goog health
The key to goog health

It is possible to look younger than your age when you live healthy. Cultivate healthy habits in your drinking, eating sleeping, body exercise and other daily activities. Remember being healthy is not what you do, being healthy is who you are. 




So how are you getting on with slowing down your ageing process? Was this post helpful? Do you have any questions? Let me know by leaving a comment 





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  1. Hi

    Great tips on staying younger, that has always been my aim in life!

    Drinking water is really good for you I know. Does the water which you use for making tea count, or should it be plain water? And how about carbonated water which I really love, although I never drink fizzy drinks.

    I prefer the ordinary Indian tea, and also Rooibos tea. Do you think that is not so good for you?

    I have always steamed my vegetables as I know that is good for you, but I am in two minds about eating the skins on root vegetables, as I am concerned about the chemicals which are used in the growing of them. Do you think that organic vegetables are better, and is it actually possible to remove all traces of chemicals by just thoroughly washing the skins?

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie, thanks for reading my post. Please drink plain water it is very healthy. Tea especially herbal tea is very good but it does not count for water. Washing your fruits and vegetables in apple cider vinegar would remove chemicals from them.

  2. This is some great information and so easy to read 🙂  I seem to go through phases of liking and not liking sugar.  Most of it is liking it, but I’m trying not to get too involved in it lately.  I love my veggies.  You said to keep veggies cooked at around 86 degrees?  Would that be like a stir fry kind of cooking?  That’s my favorite way of cooking them. 

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  3. When you get to my age you definitely want to find natural ways to look younger and never thought that water actually helps with this.

    I love a good excuse to take a bath and you gave me one!  That is awesome.

    I also love smoothies.  Do you have any good recipes that you recommend that help and taste good?

  4. This is a great post and an excellent guide to looking younger. I love smoothies especially green smoothies because it makes my skin glow. I love to exercise and stay in shape too. However, now and then I do eat sugar! I know it’s bad but I do limit the amount I eat. Thanks for a great guide to looking younger.

  5. Hello!
    I so did enjoy reading this post. So not cook our veggies in water? Hmm so steam over water but not in water? And my mother always said, chew 20 times, but I used to giggle and loss my count.
    I am a big believer in we are what we eat. So this really resonated with me. I am vegan.
    And cooking carrots with their skin on also?
    Hmm. such great information.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. These are all very helpful tips. Thank you for the reminders. I know for myself when I eat a proper diet, drink plenty of water, my whole body performs better. It’s like it is thanking me for treating it right. LOL! Thank you for the great information.

  7. These are excellent tips for natural ways to look younger. I remember my grandmother always telling me about how much to chew my food before swallowing. I never thought about the values it had. I had always thought she wanted me to take my time eating. It is nice to know it carries a stronger value. I developed a slow eating style from her lessons. I think it has made me really value the flavors of food as well. My biggest problem would be the sleep in your plan. I have never been able to sleep great and 8 hours is really pushing it for me. Dark is a must, any slight bit of light and I wake up. Any other tips for trying to help get the sleep naturally. I have a difficult time staying asleep.
    Thank you.

  8. Helpful hints, and thank you. So glad you put drinking water as number one!
    I think if I check off the list one by one each day I will live another 35 healthy years! (That would get me over 100 BTW)…
    I love your closing statement, that being healthy is who you are…it’s an inside job too, isn’t it?


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