Pray for a cure for corona virus

Corona virus  is here already all we can do is prevent it from spreading beyond where it has gotten to. The house is already burning, we have to curtail the fire and put it out! Corona is not a bacteria, antibiotics cannot clear it. It is a virus we need a strong healthy body to fight it! We need to make sure we are boosting our immune system. Our immune system is our body’s defence department, it prevents foreign invasion and fights invasion as well. We boost our immune system by eating and drinking the right food.


Corona Virus
Corona Virus

Symptoms of Covid 19

Day 1  – Common cold similarity 

Day 2  – Dry throat, Itchy throat or Slight sore throat

Day 3  – Normal appetite, no fever, no tiredness.

Day 4  – Hoarse voice, body ache, rise in body temperature, loss in appetite, slight headache, minor diarrhoea or indigestion.

Day 5  – Slight fever, weak body, joint pain, temperature between 36.5  – 36.7 degrees centigrade 

Day 6  – temperature increases to 37, cough, fatigue, neusea, occasional breathing difficulty, diarrhoea, vomit, pain in fingers. 

Day 7  – Higher fever, temperature increases to 37.4 – 37.8, body ache, severe diarrhoea 

Day 8  – Temperature increases to 38 or higher, heavy chest, difficult breathing 

Day 9  – laborious breathing, persistent coughing, even higher fever. 


Corona Protection
Corona Protection

Protective Measures 

Keep your hands clean – wash your hands with soap more frequently. And each time you wash your hands keep washing for 20 seconds. – use hand sanitizer. Wear gloves when ever you go out. 

Maintain your distance  – maintain a 1 or 2 meter distance from anybody especially anyone with a cough 

Sneeze into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with tissue . Avoid touching your face. No hand shakes.

 Wash cloths  – the corona virus can live on fabric up to 9 hours but it is killed when the fabric is washed (UNICEF)

Stay at home. Only go out if it is very important. Your staying at home will protect you from getting infected. 

When you go out  – on getting back home, wash your hands with soap, remove your clothes and put them in the wash. Wash your phone and glasses in soapy water 

Sauna treatment  – put boiled water into a 10 litre bucket. Position your face on top of it so the steam can heat you up. Place a blanket or duvet over you to lock in the heat for about 15 minutes. The corona virus is killed when exposed to temperatures above 26 degrees centigrade. 

Keep hydrated  – take a lot of healthy fluids and drink them hot. 

Boost your pH  – Corona virus pH varies from 5.5 – 8.5 (Journal of virology, 1991). Consume foods with higher pH. Such as Dandelion-22.7. Avocado-15.6. Garlic-13.2. Pineapple-12.7. Lemon-9.9. Orange-9.2. Mango-8.7. Tangerine-8.5. Lime-8.2. 

Build your immune system   – I’ll expand on this.


Boost your immunity
Boost your immunity

Build your immune system 

A strong immune system helps fight off any antibody such as colds, coughs, flus or coronavirus. Any meal containing 1 or more of these nutrients will build the immune system. 

Vitamin C. Vitamin E. Vitamin A. Zinc. Carotene. Omega-3. 

To build your immune system, stay away from anything that would weaken it such as: Stress, Insufficient sleep, Alcohol, Smoking and bad nutrition.

Tips for building: Exercise regularly. No Smoking. No Alcohol. Loose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Good sleep. Healthy blood pressure. And Healthy Eating.


Okra Stew
Okra Stew

Suggested meals 

Lemon drink  – cut a slice of lemon into 50 cal of warm water. Drink at least once every day. Ideally this drink should be taken in the morning and in the evening. 

Citrus juice  – squeeze fresh oranges, grape fruit and a little lemon juice. 

Vitamin C & E smoothie. This smoothie should have fruits and vegetables high in vitamins C and E such as guava, kiwi, cucumber, citrus

Fruit salad  – Kiwi, mango, banana, apple, pawpaw

Vegetable salad  – bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, spinach, tomato, avocado 

Fruit and vegetable salad  – you can also have a salad that has both fruits and vegetables. 

Stew- blend bell peppers, tomato, garlic, onion and scotch bonnet pepper and make it into a stew. 

Garlic – make a garlic and ginger drink. Add garlic to your meals 

Okra soup. Chop okra and make it into a soup or Stew 

Ewedu soup – also called jute leaves 

Chicken  – Cook chicken in your Stew, soup, stir fry 

Vegetables – USDA recommends 2 – 3 cups of vegetables daily. Add vegetables to your omelette, smoothie, stir-fry, soup, pasta and dips.  


Keep safe
Keep Safe

Stay safe 

If you have travelled recently and think you were an infected area. Stay home for 14 days to make sure you don’t spread the virus. 

If you notice any symptoms. Get medical help immediately. 

Mix some salt in  warm water and gargle. This kills germs in the tonsils and stops germs from getting to the lungs. 

Sauna treatment. Get boiled water, it is advised to boil food like garlic, red onions and orange peel in the water. Inhale the steam while you cover yourself over the water for 15 minutes. This should kill the virus before it gets to your lungs. It can only survive below 27 degrees centigrade. 

Isolate yourself  – Stay at home while your immune system fights the virus and your staying at home will stop the virus from spreading. 

Neem leaf has been suggested to help. It is a herbal tea, so it’s safe to drink

Chloroquine – There is enough scientific material to justify its efficacy, however it should not be indiscriminately used for the slightest symptoms. (It doesn’t have a label for Covid – 19)


Food and exercise
Food and exercise

Get busy at home 

Make the  “Stay Home” time an eventful time with yourself and with family.  There is so much you can do: play a musical instrument. Play board games. De-clutter the house, cook, bake or watch movies.  

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Being healthy is not what you do, it’s who you are! 

I would love to hear from you, has this post been helpful? How are you coping with the effects of Covid-19 in your location? Leave a comment or question below

Keep Healthy Keep Safe 


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  1. Thank you so much this comes at a time when it is needed the most. Luckily in my country the virus hasn’t spread that much but you know everyone is just worried about the symptoms. You get a little Norma flue you get worried its corona, a small cough you get worried Too, a slight pain in joints again you get worried. I just hope everyone listen to this and stays at home and wash hands and clothing as often as possible to avoid getting ma d spreading the virus. 

  2. This is really golden and thank you so much for sharing such a great post out here. In all honesty, I cannot but be glad that you shared this post. Corona virus has put the world to a stop and the best way to do in this trying period is to learn how to stay safe and put safety precautions. This post is really golden with the information shared. Thumbs up and I’d be willing to share the post out

  3. Thanks this post has an abundance of detailed and useful information which may aid in the preventative measure that we all need to be thinking about in the current crisis. I was particularly interested to see the information on relative ph levels and how they might be brought to bear in strengthening our immune systems.  A useful and informative post.

    Thank you


  4. It’s amazing to see such an article that can help deal with this increasing rice of this pandemic and it is really cool to see some natural food to eat to help deal with it. A lot of people are not aware of such wonderful food items and its sad. I really hope there is a wider audience to this article so we can all learn 

  5. I truly need to initially value your exertion in assembling this incredible site and composing this article. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article about How to prevent the coronavirus.
    At present, the Corona Virus is widespread in the world. Many posts are discussing the issues caused by Coronavirus but your submit is supplying preventive measures which can be amazing. As we all understand prevention is better than cure. So your submit means a lot and thanks for this beneficial post.We all know that Vitamin C is very important for our body and it helps strengthen our immune system. So the coronavirus can not be killed by Vitamin C, but if we do take Vitamin C , so we can fight coronavirus. Because Many doctors currently acknowledge however vitamin C is helpful for overall health, immunity and fighting inflammation and pain.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article.If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you for coming by Sabina and thanks for your encouraging comments. 

      Yes share this post with everyone! 

  6. Nice and very educative post. Coronavirus has been a major threat to the nations of the world and everyone is looking for solutions to this menace. And with such preventive measures laid down in your post, it goes a long way in helping the society. Many people are ignorant of the virus so the education needs to be strengthened, and you’ve done equally justice to that in your post. Thanks for sharing. 

  7. I agree with you. In order to fight the coronavirus, we need a healthy immune system. I focus in on eating lots of meat and fat-soluble vitamins. vitamin C is important. Get some sunshine and eat some animal fat. It is very important to get busy at home as well. I have found that gardening and weeding has been helpful to keep my sanity during this time. Best wishes! 

  8. Thank you for such an informative post with handy tips and ways to stay healthy. I have been doing the gargling with salt water every time I come back from the supermarket, and also first thing in the morning. I was not aware that the virus can live n fabric for up to nine hours, so thanks for pointing that out. The “sauna” treatment is also something that I didn’t know about, so I will certainly be trying that. 

    I am not familiar with Ewedu soup, do you know where one can get these jute leaves from? And the same with the neem leaf tea. I do have neem oil in the house that we use on plants, but could I drink that as a tea? I would like to know what you think. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Lin, please don’t drink anything oily as a tea! Jute leaves will be in an Afro careabean grocery shop. And neem tea can be found on Amazon 

  9. Thank you for all the info in your blog. I really like the idea of sauna – breathing in hot water with garlic, etc. I am trying to eat as hearty as possible, to be fair we always tried in our family anyways! Corona virus is a big topic and I think you wrote it very well and it should help a lot of people! 

  10. We shouldn’t let the Coronavirus crippled our lives. Yes, there are restriction orders and social distancing but as you mentioned, staying at home can be transformed into a productive event as well. For example, I’m taking better care of my health for the past week – drinking more water and consuming more vitamin C. I’ve also got the time to get all my emails done, something I’ve been procrastinating for a very long time. Not to mention catching up with friends (on the phone) whom I’ve never spoken for years. Strange how it takes a pandemic event to make you realize the important things and people in your life. 

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