1. Exercise for at least 30 min everyday

2. To maintain a healthy body weight, burn as much calories as you take in everyday 

3. To lose weight, burn more calories than you take in a day

4. Plant oil is much better than animal fat.

5. To avoid the sting when chopping onions, put on your swimming goggles.

6. Avoid processed food eat your food natural 

7. Do not warm your food in plastic containers




1. An ideal fufu portion to eat per meal is 300g

2. Cook your meals with very little oil if you must use oil 

3. Baked, grilled, roasted and boiled foods are much better than fried food

4. Pepper in food increases body metabolism

5. Never bake or steam up your vegetables, you would have killed the nutrients in them




1. DO NOT deep fry your meat, brown it in the oven after boiling it.

2. Baked, grilled, roasted and boiled meats are much better than fried meat.

3. Chicken without the skin is the best

4. Remove the fat on your meat before cooking it




1. Drink, Drink and drink water! At least 2 litres everyday.

2. Have a glass of fruit or vegetable smoothie everyday.

3. Drink a glass of water 1 hour before eating anything in the morning.

4. Drink warm water

5. Avoid fizzy drinks

6. Stay away from alcoholic drinks

7. A smoothy is much better than an extracted juice drink. A lot of nutrient is thrown away with the pulp when juice is extracted.  


“Keep Healthy”

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