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Health! The whole world is talking a lot about health these days. What exactly is health?

About Health

A state or condition of being well. A condition where all the organs in a human body are functioning as they should such that a human being can adjust to any situation or circumstance he or she finds themselves. People go to great extent to be healthy and keep healthy. Some engage in consistent exercising. Some are very particular in what they can eat or drink. Some avoid eating meat. Every health conscious person has the same goal which is, to keep keeping healthy.

Christmas, how did it start?

The very first Christmas was the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

It all started about 2000 years ago when a baby boy was born to Mary and Joseph in a town called Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph did not live in Bethlehem, they happened to go there because an instruction had been given that every man should go register in their birth city for tax purposes. And Joseph was from the city of Bethlehem.

On getting to Bethlehem, all the hotels were full. They had to stay the night in a stable. Mary who had been very pregnant went into labour that night and gave birth to a baby boy. The boy was called Jesus. He was a very special baby. He was born to save the whole world from our sins. At 30 years of age Jesus went about doing good to everyone. He healed the sick, raised the dead, opened blind eyes, and made everyone that came across him happy. The whole world still celebrates the birth of Jesus on the 25th of December every year.


Keep Healthy even at Christmas

Here are some tips to keep you in shape and in health even as you celebrate the festive season:

  • Have creative vegetable starters
  • Fruits made into beautiful and tasty deserts will be ideal
  • No alcohol please
  • Avoid fizzy drinks
  • Drink plenty of water, about 2 litres everyday.
  • Very little fried food or no fried food at all
  • Bakeing and or boiling your food is much better than frying.
  • Stay away from sugar and foods containing sugar.
  • Cut down on salt and salty food
  • Cut down on oil and oily food, use oil spray instead of liquid oil.
  • Do some dancing with family and friends to burn off calories and keep up with your exercises

Healthy Christmas gift ideas

For exercise – Encourage someone to keep fit, loose weight and burn calories this Christmas and beyond. Gifts that encourage exercise are:

Fitbit, jump rope, scales, dumbbells. Kettle bells, health cup. Aerobics DVD. Gym membership. Gym bag. Exercise mat. Get them here!

Spices  and herbs – Spices have a way of clensing the body and reactivating the body metabolism.

Herb tea. A set of herbs. Scotch bonnet jam. Get them here!

Grocery – Help friends and family stock up on grocery that would enhance healthy habits. Some healthy groceries are:

Honey. Fruit tea. A healthy hamper. Mixed nuts. Coconut sugar. Fruit sugar. Get them here!

Utensils  – No kitchen is complete without the utensils that convert the prosess of cooking into pleasure. Some of the utensils needed to complete a kitchen are:

Smoothie maker, kitchen scales. A Saladmaster set. Get them here!

Books – Dont leave your loved ones groping around helpless give them some books to guide them into health this festive season. Some recipe and healthy books are:

Healthy recipe books. Smoothie recipe book. Books on exercise. The bible. Get them here!


Keep healthy this Christmas and help someone keep healthy by giving them a health promoting gift. Christmas started more than 2000 years ago and is still being celebrated today. As the whole world celebrates, its very important to have some healthy tips in mind. Our gifts should convey a message of love and of health to our loved ones.

You never can tell, this might be your opportunity to start someone up on a healthy journey! I would love to hear all about it, please leave a comment.

A blessed and Merry Christmas to you all!






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