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I’m too fat! I’m loosing shape! I’m gaining weight! I need to get in shape. I need to start doing some exeercises! Which healthy foods help lose weight? What exactly am I supposed to be doing? These are all familier statments we hear everyday these days. If one of these stsatements is ringing in your head, you have finally clicked on the right page. I am going to be highlighting some healthy foods. These foods are especially good in a weight lose plan.

Body Weight

Weight Chart
Weight Chart

When you stand on the scale, the figures on the scale tells you your body weight.                                                                    A healthy person is one who has the right weight for their sex, age and height. Have a look at this chart and check if you have a healthy weight.


Healthy Foods that help lose weight

What exactly is healthy food? Foods containing the necessary nutrients for the perfect functioning of the body.

Which of the healthy foods help lose weight? The foods with less oil, less calories and foods with less or no sugar and high in fibre.

Losing weight

How do you go about losing weight? To lose weight 3 things are very important:

  • Having enough sleep. 6 – 8 hours of sleep daily.
  • Daily physical activities or exercises. Examples are: A daily 1 hour walk, an hour in the gym daily or an hour of aerobics daily.
  • Eating less calories than you burn in a day. Eating the right foods. This is discussed in the section below.

10 Foods that help lose weight

Here are 10 foods that will definitely help you lose weight when consumed correctly. An adult is to consume an average of 2000 calories a day. Calories is the measure of energy the body acquires by eating and drinking. To lose weight, the adult on 2000 calories has to burn more than 2000 calories.

Green Plantain – This is in the banana family but much

Green Plantain
Unripe Plantain

bigger and firmer than a banana. It is very important that it is consumed unripe. Green plantain is very rich in iron and low in calories. It has amazing health benefits. Green plantain can be made into porridge or made into fufu. For more information Read my post on Green plantain Click here




Jollof rice  –  This rice Type of cooked rice has starch

400g of Jollof Rice
400g of Jollof Rice

taken out of it, then it is cooked in a blended mix of gravy, tomato, bell pepper, Scotch Bonnet and onion. Taditionally it is cooked in a lot of oil. Once this oil is reduced to the minimum Jollof rice becomes the safest rice to eat for weight loss purposes. Learn more about Jollof rice from my post Click here.



Cowpeas  – Porpularly known as beans. very rich in fibre

Red Beans
Red Beans

and anti oxidants It is made into porridge, moimoi, bean soup. Bean cake. Get details of how amazing brown beans are by   clicking here






Tomato Stew  – Tomatoes, Red bell peppers, Scotch

Stews and Soups
Tomato Sauce

Bonnet Pepper and onion blended into a smooth paste and cooked in gravy and spices. This is the healthiest Stew in the world! For the recipe and more details about this stew, click here.





Oatmeal – A bowl of oat porridge for breakfast could be about 150 calories and this would sustain an adult till lunch time. To keep an oatmeal porridge in low calories, it must be eaten without sugar and the toppings have to be selected very carefully. Oatmeal can be made into various types of foods such as porridge, fufu, oatbread and lots more. Oatmeal porridge is excellent for breakfast. Oatmeal releases energy bit by bit into the body stopping any craving that might want to make one eat junk food.


Lemon and honey water drink – Have a cup of this

Lemon Honey drink
Lemon Honey drink

amazing drink everyday and watch your body get back into the right shape. All you need is half of a lemon, one table spoon of honey and hot water to fill up a 500ml cup. Lemon has various ways in helping with weight loss such as: Add some lemon zest to your salad. Put some lemon in your smoothie, tea or water.


Lean meat – is meat low in fats such as poultry like chicken, turkey and duck. To reduce the fat in them, cook your poultry without the skin. Never fry your meat. Boil, roast or grill it.

Mackerel fish  –  has a very delicious taste, it contains Omega -3 fatty acids, it is high in vitamin D, helps reduce cholesterol and is low in calories. It is perfect for a weight lose diet. It can be included in soups, Stews, salads and porridges.



Hard boiled eggs
Hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs  – Eggs are packed with protein, eat 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast and you will not crave for any snack or junk food till lunch time.





Popped Corn
Popped Corn

Popped Corn – Pop corn is a very healthy snack. This type of corn is whole grain, for it to be healthy avoid popping it with sugar. Use very little or no salt with very little oil. It is a perfect snack to have on a weight loss plan.




Green Vegetables 

  •  Ugwu  – Called pumpkin leave is a dark green vegetable very rich in vitamins. It can be made into stews, soups, stir fry, smoothie or juice. It is eaten with rice, sweet potato and fufu
  • Okra – Known as lady’s finger. Okra is made into lovely soups and eaten with fufu.
  • Ewedu – Melaleuca leave is another dark green African leave. It is made into delicious soups and eaten on its own or with fufu. Healthy fufu is the one made from green plantain and from oats.

Get your nice figure and keep it

There is nothing like looking good and feeling good. Check your weight today. See if it is the right weight for your sex, age and height. Pay special attention to the amount of calories you take in daily and make sure you are active enough to burn more calories than you consume. Start working on getting your weight to the right figure for you.





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  1. I loved reading this article very informative and wonderfully written. I enjoyed your list of healthy snacks that didn’t sound terrible which a lot of healthy foods can have a bad taste thank you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. It is very useful and helpful information. Without a doubt, eating healthy is key in all our lives.

    There are some foods I have heard of included in the article, but I am not sure how to cook them to incorporate them into my diet. Do you have any recipes available to teach me how to cook them? Even if you had some videos from YouTube, that would be wonderful.

    You have a wonderful site. Keep up the great work.


  3. Hi
    what an excellent article about natural methods of weight loss. I am a traditional natural medicines lover. I am little overweight now and I am taking Oatmeal with milk for the breakfast, rice with boiled vegetable for lunch and Indian bread for dinner. Now I found a lot of additional weight loss recipes from your article and method of [reparation. I shall share your post with my friends as well.
    Thanks for a nice article -Healthy foods help lose weight.

  4. What a great list of foods to lose weight. I definitely need to get more sleep, burning the candle at both ends lately. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello! I so enjoyed reading this post.I know about jollof us very tasty.
    And one of my favorite drinks in honey and lemon but had no idea it was an aid in weight loss.i was so interested in your discsiung plantains.Excellent article and wonderful resources.I will come back!
    In peace and gratitude

  6. Oh wow…you had me salivating every step of the way – from beginning to end. Yes, eating healthy is a commitment and in doing so, you will see results. The diet is ever so important. I am so glad that you mentioned my favorite food – popcorn. I eat lots of popcorn – I pop the kernels in some coconut oil and sometimes I add cayenne pepper and ginger.
    Thanks for sharing.

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