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Some years ago I was pregnant, I got pregnant 4 times and gave birth to four babies. Those babies are now two young adults and two teenagers. The first time I was pregnant, an older mother gave me some nutrition advice that was very helpful. It kept me healthy all through all four pregnancies. I can’t wait to share this advice and a lot more that I have discovered over the years with you.

A healthy diet is always very important at every point in one’s life. It is especially important when pregnant or if you are planning on getting pregnant. There is or will soon be a brand new human being growing on the inside of you. You want to be healthy and your baby healthy during pregnancy and beyond. You don’t have to change your diet or the foods you eat, you only have to adjust the quantity and maybe mode of cooking it. There should be less frying and more boiling and grilling. Less oil, salt and sugar. The right balance of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins in every meal.


An easy way to have your fruits is to make them into smoothies. This way you can combine fruits and get all the nutrients you need in one cup. A cup of smoothie during pregnancy would revive your appetite and relieve you of morning sickness. 

The best smoothie in pregnancy contains these fruits – Orange, banana, Mango, Lemon, Apple

Yellow Smoothie
Yellow Smoothie

Orange – vitamin C.

Banana – Calcium and Potassium.

Mango – Vitamin A. Maintains healthy vision.

Lemon – Can minimise nausea and morning sickness.

Apple – Antioxidant and B-Complex Vitamins. Prevents breast cancer, dementia and stroke.



Ugwu and Ewedu – are both dark green leafy vegetables very rich in Folic Acid. It is advised to have three servings of veg in a day.

Stews and Soups


 Made up of Onions,  Tomatoes, Bell pepper (Tatase) and Scotch Bonnet. This Stew is a must during pregnancy. It contains all the needed nutrients. 





Green Plantain
Unripe Plantain


During pregnancy you are better off with unripe plantain,

it is green in colour and very high in iron which is very important during pregnancy. Lack of iron will make you tired. Cut the plantain into little cubes, cook it with meat and spices. Enjoy. 



Oats – is an excellent meal for breakfast, it lowers cholesterol levels

Yam and Cassava – prevent low birth weight and regulates blood pressure



At least 60g of protein per day is needed during pregnancy. Please do NOT fry your meat and fish. Boil, bake or grill them.

Meat – Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat meat, Bush meat

Fish and Sea food – snail, Prawn, Periwinkle

Poultry – Chicken, Turkey or Duck – It is advised to consume these type of meat without the skin.

Eggs – contain all the important amino acids the body needs. They are an alternative protein source to meat.

Red Beans
Red Beans

Beans – are an excellent source of protein,they are rich in fibre.

Red beans have the best results and the best taste

Beans help in avoiding constipation.






Drink water
Drink water

Water – the best drink of all times and especially in pregnancy! Drink 2 litres everyday. 






Milk – non-fat milk is advised. Milk will provide the calcium needed, about 1 litre a day is the right amount

Malt drinks

Healthy Snacks

Plantain Chips
Plantain Chips

Plantain chips

Best when made from unripe or green plantain

and when it is unsalted

Nuts – two table spoons a day.



What not to eat when pregnant

Puff puff, Fast foods, Fried foods, Processed foods, Ready-to-eat, Uncooked eggs, Ice cream, Oils, Butter, Coffee, Fizzy drinks, Alcoholic drinks.


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  1. It’s been awhile since I gave birth and I was a much different person then. I don’t think my diet was excellent when I was pregnant which I regret. I remember I had mad cravings for bread and crunchy foods.
    I noticed that you don’t have any dairy products listed and so I’m curious about the reason. I know soft cheese is to be avoided, but what about healthy fats and cow’s milk?

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for reading my post. I did mention milk, it’s  just beneath water. I’ll get a picture there to make it more conspicuous. 

  2. It’s good that you mention beans as a good source of protein because they also contain fiber which can relieve constipation. I have heard that pregnant women can suffer from piles. Why is this? Is it because the baby puts pressure on the colon and makes it more difficult to push it out?

    I see you mention plantain chips as a good snack. I had not heard of plantain until recently, but they are related to bananas or a type of banana, is that right?

    Anyway, it definitely makes a lot of sense to eat healthily and avoid junk food when you are pregnant. With a new human growing inside of you, you don’t want to take any chances. You want to make sure they get the best nutrition you can provide them.

    1. Yes the baby weight puts a lot of pressure on the veins.

      Plantain is in the banana family but much bigger.

      Thanks for coming by Marcus

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