Health in 2018

Wow! The build up to Christmas was awesome! Oh! The Lights, decorations, cards, meal planning and presents! And the New year celebrations hit you before you could even blink!

During festive seasons and celebrations, a good deal of health conscious people threw curtion to the wind. We eat so much sugar, oily foods, fried food, fizzy drinks and put everything on the planet that is not good for our health into our bodies.

The New Year

Tip for the year
Tip for the year

Now the festivity is over. Its new year now, the decorations are down or coming down. Our bins are filled with empty boxes, wrapping paper and leftover food. Oh, back to work again or school or business or whatever it is that keeps us busy on a daily basis. Back to the normal routine or have you made some resolutions to twick the normal routine. I mean some realistic resolutions. I hope you have and I sure hope those resolutions have to do with health! It’s time to burn off all those calories we accumulated over the years or just over the festive season.

Time to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Here are some health tips for the new year. They are very helpful in keeping us healthy. Some of them are tips on exercise, some tips are on eating healthy and there are tips on healthy drinking habits. Wishing all my readers a very healthy 2018!

Health And Health tips

Veg cooked without water
Veg cooked without water

Being healthy is not what you do, it’s who you are!

“Health is wealth”, they say. What does it mean to be healthy? It means being in a good physical, social and mental condition. It also means a person is able and fit to do things physically like sports and exercise. A healthy person is able to start and grow a business, maintain a family, sturdy a college course and stay on a good job. Healthy people are conscious of what they eat and what they drink. In fact, they make sure everything that goes into their bodies or on their bodies is good for them. Healthy people always do one form of exercise or sport to keep the body in shape.


Tips on Exercise

  • Body Gospel Kit
    Body Gospel Kit

    Set goals of what you want to achieve this year, like a flat tummy or losing some weight.

  • Make a plan on how to achieve your goals
  • Go for a daily 30 minute walk
  • Do 30 second planks twice a day
  • Do not sit for too long. Move around almost every other hour of the day.
  • Get a gym membership and stay true to it.
  • Get a dog, you will have to walk it at least twice a day. In the morning and in the evening.
  • Get a Fitbit, it will help you set realistic healthy goals and shows you how good or bad you are doing with your health goals.
  • Burn off more calories than you consume daily. This means you will have to find a way of counting your daily calorie consumption and keeping track of how many calories you burn daily.

Eating Tips

  • The Chicken is fried without oil
    The Chicken is fried without oil

    Take stock of what you eat and how you eat them. The information will be very helpful in making adjustments.

  • Chew every mouthful 15 times before swallowing
  • Snack on fruits and vegetables instead of crisps and chocolate
  • Include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet, remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Add 1 Scotch Bonnet to your meals daily
  • Add 1 clove of garlic to your daily meals
  • Avoid fried food? It takes 8 times harder to digest than boiled or baked food.
  • Avoid processed sugar like an infection. It does more harm than good to the body.
  • Use oil spray. Helps reduce the amount of oil used in various things, example when sprayed on salads or used in oiling pans.
  • Reduce fat intake. Excess fat settles in the blood arteries reducing blood flow leading to serious diseases such as heart attack and stroke.
  • Do not miss breakfast. That’s the best meal of the day.
  • Do not over cook your vegetables, over cooking saps most of the nutrients out of vegetables
  • Do not peel root foods like potatoes, yam and carrots most of the nutrients lie just beneath the skin.
  • Do not eat heavy carb meals late at night. It may lead to obesity.
  • Do not eat close to bed time

Drinking Tips

  • Smoothie in 3 flavours
    Smoothie in 3 flavours

    Drink a 500ml cup of water first thing in the morning.

  • Drink about 2 litres or 8 glasses of water every day. It hydrates the whole body enhancing good health and prevents diseases in the body.
  • Drinking Warm or hot water is much better than drinking cold water.
  • Drink fruit and vegetable smoothies. Digests faster than solid food.
  • A mixture of lemon, honey and water is one of the best drinks in the world. This mixture is more effective when mixed in warm or hot water.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks. They are stuffed with sugar and they add unnecessary and unhealthy calories to the body.
  • Stay away from alcohol. It has no nutritional value and eats away at your liver.

A Healthy 2018 to you!


It’s amazing how fast Christmas and new year celebrations came and went. Now is the time to burn off the calories we accumulated during the festive time. If you have been thinking of losing some weight, this is the ideal time to start. Take on some healthy habits like adding to or reducing some of the things we eat and drink. It is very important to watch what we eat, it is also important to pay attention to the way we prepare our food, the way we eat our food and the quantity of our food portions. The drinks we take are equally if not more important than the food we eat. Drinks are absorbed into our system faster than solid food.

A Fitbit is very helpful in monitoring your health habits. It is a gadget you wear around your wrist like a wrist watch, it breaks down your daily health routine into detailed little assignments making it easy to accomplish them.
A poem we learnt early in life says “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or woman) healthy, Wealthy and wise”.

I would like to know how you are getting on with your health habits, if this post has been helpful or if you have any questions please leave a comment.






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  1. This is a nice article on health. I really enjoy when people spread the good word on remaining healthy as it is an important factor in life whether you’re younger or older. I really like the included tips, as they are simple but really effective for simply keeping up with your habits or getting rid of some unecessary habits such as sitting for too long. Nice work.

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