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What exactly do Africans eat?

Here is a collection of healthy African raw food, meals, drinks, fruits, soups and stews. Try eating these meals and experience a healthier body. You can even creat a meal plan from this gallery


North Africa

South Africa

West Africa


East Africa










Dips, Soups and Stews




Raw food 




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  1. Now this is a site I will have to forward to my aunt. She is very into holistic recipes and dishes that are of traditional african culture. I love the fact that there are a lot of beautiful dishes on this page. Haha i’m sure she will try to recreate the dishes to look exactly like these. Awesome foods. I’m definitely a foodie at heart. I should try one as well. Cheers!

  2. Keep Healthy, this is a great website with a difference I must say. However I was looking for the step by step recipes that I could use to make some of these meals you have displayed. Any idea which ones have the good antioxidants and vitamins? Also, besides the titles, could you put the names of the individual meals or drinks so i know what they are called specifically?.

    Too many questions I suppose.
    Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Hi Classy & Sassy,
      I have a step by step set of photos for ‘Akara’ on my Nigeria page. I get more on soon.
      For antioxidants and vitamins, African meals cooked in a healthy way are great.check my lemon drink blog and my stew blog. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. Hi there, pretty awesome website. I this African food is so color foul and tasty. I am from Brazil and we have some . However, I this African food is quite spicy for Brazilians as we were not used to spicy foods. As I have been living abroad for quite some time now, I have been eating more spicy foods of countries all over the world. But just a little bit spicy lol.
    Great collection of photos, looks amazing!

    All the best


  4. Hi Juliet,

    I like the images on your gallery, the food looks yummy and tempting

    Just a question, will you be linking the images to their recipes as well.

    Also if you are planning to link these to recipes might I make a recommendation to break down th categories further [dinner, breakfast, quick one meal dishes etc]

    1. Thanks Josh,

      Yes I will be linking my images to posts and recipes. And thanks for the observation I will look into that as well. I would like you to revisit my site in the near future to see the updates.

  5. Your healthy food gallery of meals is certainly making me feel really hungry right now! LOL.

    I have heard of Plantains before, but never really seen any! What makes them so different from normal Bananas?

    I am also a huge fan of smoothies too, especially Strawberry and Banana ones.

    Thanks for the meal and drink images.


    1. Thanks Neil,

      Plantains are similar in shape and colour to banana but much bigger. They are normally boiled, baked or fried unlike the banana that you can just peel and eat. Plantains make very delicious meals.Thanks for coming by.

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