Green Plantain

What is Green Plantain?

WHAT IS GREEN PLANTAIN? A big long unripe banana, that’s how I would describe it. A plantain is green when not ripe and yellow when ripe. Plantain is about twice the length of a banana, approximately 12 inches long and about 2 inches on its widest part. GREEN PLANTAIN NUTRITION FACTS Unripe plantain is rich in potassium, magnesium iron, vitamin A and the B complex vitamins. It is a rich…

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Stews and Soups

The Healthiest African Stew in the World

Tomato and Pepper Stew This is a popular¬†African stew. It has a red colour and can be described as a blended version of salsa. African red stew is a unique combination of vegetables and spices boiled in oil. It is consumed in main meals as well as being used as a dip with chips and toast. I call it the world’s healthiest African stew and that’s because it is made…

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Welcome to the “Keep Healthy on African Diet” site. I am going to be taking you on a unique journey through Africa, enhancing the African diet and how eating African meals is a great way to stay healthy. Africa is very rich in its culture and in its diet. Being in the tropics, the African fruits, roots, vegetables, herbs, meat and seafood have high nutrient contents. On this site, African…

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