What happens when you stop eating sugar?

What happens when you stop eating sugar? Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate found naturally in foods and drinks or on its own as processed. Sugar is used in cooking, baking and sweetening food and drinks. Sugar comes in various types, colours and forms. As much as almost everybody likes to consume sugar because of its sweet taste, it has some negative effects to the human body and human health. In…

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Garlic Uses and Benefits

  GARLIC: Uses and Benefits I call garlic the ‘healing herb’ and would describe it as a member of the onion family, its siblings being shallots, spring onions, chives and leek. Its scientific name is Allium Sativum. It is very low in fat and calories and is referred to as a herb that boosts all aspects of the human health. Garlic has a lot of nutritional, beauty and health benefits….

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Traditional Christmas dinner ideas

Traditional Christmas dinner ideas It’s Christmas once again! Excitement is building in the air as the day 25th of December draws closer. It’s in the air. You can feel it. See it and mmm smell it. Christmas comes round once in every year and we always want it to be a memorable experience. There is lots of planning to do. Concerts to go, gifts to buy, decorations to put up….

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The Saladmaster Food Processor

The Saladmaster Food Processor

The Saladmaster food processor  What is it? The Saladmaster Food Processor is a beautiful manual food cutter made of very high-quality stainless steel. No kitchen is complete without it. It comes in two parts, the lower base part and the upper part. The lower base part has three suction feet. These feet hold firm to any dry and flat surface making it child-friendly and safe to use. The upper part…

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Health Benefits in Oranges

How do you feel about the expression “an orange a day keeps the doctor away” try taking one or two oranges a day and you will realise that an orange can be a great snack and that it has the ability to strengthen the emotional as well as the physical body. Oranges, what are they? The most popular of the citrus fruits. Orange in colour. It has a sweet taste…

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Healthy Jollof Rice

The Healthiest Rice to Eat

THE HEALTHIEST RICE TO EAT When speaking about the healthiest rice, I am not meaning the type of rice like brown or white rice, long grain or basmati rice. I am referring to the method by which the rice is cooked, what ingredients are cooked into it and the quantity safe to consume without accumulating unwanted calories in the body.  What exactly is the healthiest rice to eat? Which is…

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Slicing yam


What is Yam? African Yam is a root food native to West Africa, I mean it is harvested from below the earth surface (like potatoes).  It has a rough dark brown skin and is white or yellow on the inside. Yam grows in tubers and is cylindrical in shape it comes in various sizes from 1 foot up to 4 feet long. There are different types of yam like Water…

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African Star Apple

Star Apple Fruit

About The African Star Apple There is a fruit I enjoyed so much as a kid and young adult, it is the African star apple also known as ‘the white star apple’. Locally it is called Alasa (Ghanaian) Agbalumo or Udarah (Nigerian). Botanically it is called Chrysophyllum Albidum. It grows across the African tropics and is only available between the months of December and April. The African star apple has…

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Red Beans

What is Cowpeas?

ABOUT AFRICAN BROWN BEANS (COWPEAS) Cowpeas are known in Africa as beans! They originated in Africa but are now also grown in South Africa and Asia. Cowpeas date back to 5000 years of grain farming in West Africa. They come in various colours from white to very dark brown or black but in this post I’m going to be consecrating on the pale brown cowpea called the clay cowpea. In…

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Yam and vegetable

Healthy Foods During Pregnancy

Some years ago I was pregnant, I got pregnant 4 times and gave birth to four babies. Those babies are now two young adults and two teenagers. The first time I was pregnant, an older mother gave me some nutrition advice that was very helpful. It kept me healthy all through all four pregnancies. I can’t wait to share this advice and a lot more that I have discovered over…

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BLendtec Total Blender

The Blendtec Total Blender – Review

Product: Blendtec Total Blender Price: £ 425.00 / $349.00 Place to buy: Amazon UK / Amazon US Size: H38.1 x W17.8 x D20.3 cm Capacity: 2.2 Litres Power: 1560 watts Rating: 4/5 PRODUCT OVERVIEW I got the Blendtec Total blender at Christmas in 2014. It has been my total kitchen life saver. My stews and smoothies are now made smooth and in less time than I used to make them….

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Drinking Water

How much water do I drink daily?

Water, what is it? Water is the colourless fluid in rivers, taps, oceans, lakes, rain, clouds, dew, snow and fog. It can be found in three forms; (1) gas – Steam (2) liquid – water (3) solid – Ice. Water is used in washing, cooking, swimming etc. But in this post I’ll be focusing on water’s drinking use. The importance of water to the human body Water can be described as…

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