Deep Fried Food

5 foods never to eat

Every time you eat or drink something you are either fighting disease or feeding it. Some foods are extremely dangerous to the human health. They are the cause of all  ill health in the body. Here are some foods to eat in small quantities, some food to eat once in a while and 5 foods never to eat!     Foods to eat in small quantities   Oil. – makes you…

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Food for diabetes

Best diabetes diet

Is there a diet for diabetes? What exactly is diabetics and what foods should a Diabetes patient be eating? What foods should diabetic patients be avoiding? Can diabetes improve or be cured by the right diet? Everybody needs to do some body exercise more especially diabetic patients. The best diabetes diet can be found in African foods.      What is Diabetes? Types of Diabetes  Diabetes is a condition where…

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Oatmeal Nutrition Facts

Oat porridge is the best breakfast meal! We are about to find out why. Oatmeal is made from oat grains. And oat is one of the healthiest edible grains in the world. It contains some antioxidant nutrients. Oatmeal Nutrition facts show that oat is gluten free, it has some antioxidant and vitamins. Oats have some great health benefits and domestic uses. Oats can also be made into various types of…

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Hibiscus tea leaves

Health Benefits in Hibiscus Tea

Have you tried drinking Zobo? Zobo is the West African name for Roselle Hibiscus Tea. It is a herbal tea with a rich ruby red colour. The hibiscus flower grows in the warm regions of the world, it is native to West Africa and comes in various colours ranging from white to deep red. The hibiscus flower has so many uses such as being a perfect drink for a BBQ…

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Healthy habits

Healthy Foods Help Lose Weight

I’m too fat! I’m loosing shape! I’m gaining weight! I need to get in shape. I need to start doing some exeercises! Which healthy foods help lose weight? What exactly am I supposed to be doing? These are all familier statments we hear everyday these days. If one of these stsatements is ringing in your head, you have finally clicked on the right page. I am going to be highlighting some…

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Food and exercise

Natural ways to look younger

Natural ways to look younger! Really? You want to look younger than your actual age? Is that even possible? Yes it is! You just have to take on some simple habits and keep at them everyday. Everyone is growing older everyday but it really gets real to you when you turn 40 years old and more real when you are 50 years old. You know you are growing old, you…

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Mother's Day

Unique Mother’s Day Presents

It’s that time of the year again. The day you honour and celebrate that one irreplaceable special person in your life. Your mother. Are you looking for those special and unique Mother’s Day presents to give mother this year? Why not make it something healthy. I mean something that would get her started on more healthy habits. Ranging from a meal, a recipe book, a cookware set or exercise. Here…

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The Top 10 Anti Aging Foods

Every body wants to look and feel young these days. Going by the very famous quote “You are what you eat” If you eat fresh food you will be and look fresh. If you eat food that has been around, I mean around the factory or too much around the heat you will look like someone who’s been on a very tiring journey!  Is everyone ready to go through the…

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Health in 2018

Health Tips for the New Year

Wow! The build up to Christmas was awesome! Oh! The Lights, decorations, cards, meal planning and presents! And the New year celebrations hit you before you could even blink! During festive seasons and celebrations, a good deal of health conscious people threw curtion to the wind. We eat so much sugar, oily foods, fried food, fizzy drinks and put everything on the planet that is not good for our health…

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Merry Christmas 2017

Different Christmas Dinner Ideas

This is Christmas season! The whole world is exited every year around this season. Christmas lights and decorations are in every city and every home. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. So there isn’t any reason we can’t cook up some different Christmas dinner ideas.  What is going to be different about it this year? The difference is the fact that we will put a healthy twist to…

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Christmas Gifts

Healthy gifts at Christmas

Health! The whole world is talking a lot about health these days. What exactly is health? About Health A state or condition of being well. A condition where all the organs in a human body are functioning as they should such that a human being can adjust to any situation or circumstance he or she finds themselves. People go to great extent to be healthy and keep healthy. Some engage…

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Scotch bonnet pepper

What is Scotch Bonnet Pepper

“A soul that does not eat pepper is a weak soul” That is a wise saying I heard from my Dad almost every day as I grew up. My father believed that if there was no chilli in your food, your food is not tasty. And such a one is not healthy. Was he right? I guess we are about to find out. There are a thousand and one different…

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