Ronke Aina
Ronke Aina

I am Juliet ‘Ronke Aina and I have a passion for food. I mean everything about food, studying, cooking, recipes and staying healthy by consuming the right food. This time, African food! 

Are you thinking of getting healthy or trying something new on your journey to being healthy? Well, you just clicked on the right site. I am going to inspire and motivated you in healthy eating.

My Journey

My journey into African diets started when I was eight years old and my parents decided to go off medication and eat healthy. I drank herb juices, fruit juices, herbal tea and vegetable soups. I ate fruit and vegetable salads. And I also ate carbohydrates and protein meals in the right quantities without blowing up or becoming sick. Over the years I have researched and expanded my knowledge on how one can stay healthy on African Diet.

In Scotland, I continued to enquire about African food and setup an African grocery shop. At the shop, I learnt a lot more about African food and diets. African meals are healthy and I hope to use this medium to share my knowledge and experiences with with everyone out there.

I’m now 50 years old (in 2015),  my friends say I look ten years younger. I also feel 10 years younger. Join me in the journey towards staying healthy with African diets.

My Research

Another thing about me is, I love aerobics. A while ago I found a new ’30 day aerobics plan’. This plan came with a 30-day meal plan. I looked through all the meals, they were delicious, they were healthy, exquisite presentation but hey! Where is my yam? My plantain? My red sauce? There was no African meal!

So I set to work, I researched African food nutrition, calorie count and the healthy benefits of African food. My findings were and are still amazing I can’t wait to shout it out to the whole world.

An unhealthy diet would definitely produce an unhealthy  body and early death. With an African Diet, you can keep a healthy body, stay well while pregnant, loose weight, fight infections, reverse lifestyle diseases, balance your sugar level, increase your blood count, detox and lots more.

Wishing you all the best with eating healthy on African diet.

Making my site

Much as I was itching to tell the whole world about the benefits of African foods, I had no clue of how to make a website Until I came in contact with The Wealthy Affiliate. They have not only guided me step by step in the building of this site. Wealthy Affiliate also stays with me all the way. They train me on how to get my site ranked on Google, answer any question I might have, give me helpful and motivating tips every day. Wealthy Affiliate is the one stop shop for your site and online business. If you would like to know more about wealthy affiliate click here.

Connect with me

For more information and pictures on healthy African food, follow me on:

Thanks for coming by

Being healthy is not what you do, it’s who you are!



Founder of “Keep Healthy African Diet”

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  1. Hi Ronke, Juliet Ronke Aina A name that sounds good in the ear. I just glanced at your writing, and … oh it looks very interesting. It seems I will visit your website often. Good luck and greetings

  2. Hi Juliet,
    I really found your site worth spending time on. It’s obvious that you love food and have taken the time to research the various aspects that are needed to cook & enjoy healthy food.
    I like the way you’ve presented the content in neat categories that would appeal to a wide cross-section of food lovers and their needs.
    I hope I can make my website as interesting as yours (when I finally have one up and running!). I enjoyed visiting your site and thanks for all the advise on healthy eating habits.

  3. Wow! What a nice organized website that you put together here, Juliet. I was looking for an African rice dish and was able to find all kinds of African healthy foods.

    I am bookmarking your healthy African diets and as I try each one out, I will try and come back here and leave my comment kind of like a review.

    Thank you for the great resources.

    God bless you.

  4. Good afternoon Juliet,

    Modern times have taken people away from eating the way nature intended, that is at least my opinion.
    Therefore a website on healthy eating is a sure guide to make people understand the importance of what they put into their mouth.

    Regards, Taetske

  5. Hi Juliet,

    Nice site and great to find this healthy eating and attention to others

    I think that you will do well because we are all interested in Health

    best regards


  6. Great site,
    Awesome content, quite educational to realise you can stay healthy on african diet.
    Keep the knowledge flowing.

  7. This is beautiful Ronke.
    So pleased to visit your site.
    Your Gallery looks awesome, makes me want to cook more. Wishing you the best.
    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Titi,
      Thanks for coming by, I am going to be posting a lot more photos and blogs on how to put healthy twists to African food. I would appreciate you come back often for my updates.

  8. I am into all kind of diet that is I eat anything everything,but my wife found this really interesting. Because she is always trying to watch what she eats but overall,this is really beneficial to both of us in this mordern day of eating healthy and keeping fit. Kudos

    1. Thank you so much for coming by my site. I will be publishing more blogs products and photos of healthy African foods and meals, please come regularly to check updates and feel free to ask me any question.

  9. Great looking website, you have a very interesting take on eating vegetables. I am a person who has never liked vegetables. I am more of a fruit person, but learning how to eat them.

  10. Hey Juliet,

    awesome story, I immediately went to check this out for because I love hearing people’s stories, it is so fascinating!

    Anyway, you seem really educated, experienced, and trustworthy in this field. By the way, is that photo taken at age 50? Because you do look healthy and younger than 50. I hope I can say the same when I reach that age haha!

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