African Star Apple

Star Apple Fruit

About The African Star Apple There is a fruit I enjoyed so much as a kid and young adult, it is the African star apple also known as ‘the white star apple’. Locally it is called Alasa (Ghanaian) Agbalumo or Udarah (Nigerian). Botanically it is called Chrysophyllum Albidum. It grows across the African tropics and is only available between the months of December and April. The African star apple has…

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Red Beans

What is Cowpeas?

ABOUT AFRICAN BROWN BEANS (COWPEAS) Cowpeas are known in Africa as beans! They originated in Africa but are now also grown in South Africa and Asia. Cowpeas date back to 5000 years of grain farming in West Africa. They come in various colours from white to very dark brown or black but in this post I’m going to be consecrating on the pale brown cowpea called the clay cowpea. In…

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