Drinking Water

How much water do I drink daily?

Water, what is it? Water is the colourless fluid in rivers, taps, oceans, lakes, rain, clouds, dew, snow and fog. It can be found in three forms; (1) gas – Steam (2) liquid – water (3) solid – Ice. Water is used in washing, cooking, swimming etc. But in this post I’ll be focusing on water’s drinking use. The importance of water to the human body Water can be described as…

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Innovee Lemon Squeezer

Innovee Lemon Juicer Review

Product: Innovee Lemon juicer Price: $ 19.95 / £ 15.95 Place to buy: Amazon Size: 9” long, handles – 1” wide, 2½” diameter Guarantee: 100% life time money back                                Customer rating: 4.5/5 stars   Innovee Lemon juicer Description This is a beautiful manual citrus press is a “must have” in any kitchen. It is made…

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