400g of Jollof Rice

How many Calories should you eat a day?

How do I define calorie? Calorie is the amount of energy in any drink, food or snack we consume. Food weight is measured in Kilograms, food liquid is measured in liters and food energy is measured in calories. The amount of calorie you take in your food could increase or reduce your body weight. More calorie consumed stores fat in the body and consuming less calories helps loose weight. Empty…

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Healthy Tips

GENERAL 1. Exercise for at least 30 min everyday 2. To maintain a healthy body weight, burn as much calories as you take in everyday  3. To lose weight, burn more calories than you take in a day 4. Plant oil is much better than animal fat. 5. To avoid the sting when chopping onions, put on your swimming goggles. 6. Avoid processed food eat your food natural  7. Do not…

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