A Smoothie a day, keeps the doctor away

What’s a smoothie? Why is it healthy? And if a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away it must be important. A smoothie is a thick drink that’s made of a fruit or more. Usually, the fruit is blended with ice, yoghurt, milk, honey or water. A smoothie could also be made with vegetables or a mixture of fruit and vegetables. It is the best way to have your ‘five a…

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Food and Fitness

15 Tips to lose weight on African Diet

The ideal size of fufu for a meal should be 300g. When fufu size is too big, you accumulate unwanted calories in your body. Use very little oil (2 table spoons) when cooking if you must use any oil at all. Oil is very high in calories, it could also clug up your blood veins. Drink warm water with your meals. Cold water will solidify the oil in the food…

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Green Plantain

What is Green Plantain?

WHAT IS GREEN PLANTAIN? A big long unripe banana, that’s how I would describe it. A plantain is green when not ripe and yellow when ripe. Plantain is about twice the length of a banana, approximately 12 inches long and about 2 inches on its widest part. GREEN PLANTAIN NUTRITION FACTS Unripe plantain is rich in potassium, magnesium iron, vitamin A and the B complex vitamins. It is a rich…

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