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  1. The ideal size of fufu for a meal should be 300g. When fufu size is too big, you accumulate unwanted calories in your body.
  2. Use very little oil (2 table spoons) when cooking if you must use any oil at all. Oil is very high in calories, it could also clug up your blood veins.
  3. Drink warm water with your meals. Cold water will solidify the oil in the food and slow down digestion.
  4. Instead of frying your meat, after boiling it, put it in an oven try and dry it in the oven for 15 minutes at 220 degrees centigrade.
  5.  Do not kill your vegetables! I mean, do not over cook them. Vegetables should maintain their bright colours after cooking. Dull looking vegetables have lost the nutrients in them.
  6. Avoid or reduce the fatty meat. Eat chicken without the skin.
  7. No heavy meals at night. You are not engaging in any activity to burn it off during the night.
  8. Reduce your carbohydrate intake.
  9. Take more fruits and vegetables
  10. Avoid alcohol like a plague!
  11. Reduce fizzy drinks or stop drinking them all together.
  12. Reduce the amount of salt and processed spice in meals
  13. Always eat  breakfast
  14. Add spicy peppers to meals
  15. Be more active. Take a walk. Go jogging. Take 30 minute exercise daily


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  1. Hey there!

    Wow, it’s actually called the African Diet. I’m sure this is incredibly effective when you’re trying to lose weight.

    I was on the military diet for a while and although it was incredibly hard to commit to, it paid off greatly after a few months of enduring what seemed to be a living hell :p thanks for your post and all the best!

  2. Juliet, great website and a very informative article.
    We are in total agreement on the majority of your 15 points, but there are a couple where I don’t.
    I don’t cook with any oil, I only use Ghee.
    I don’t believe that eating breakfast is right or important for everybody. I’m up at 6 AM and seldom eat anything before Noon.
    I eat meat only about four times a month and as long as it’s grass-fed and farm-raised I don’t care if it’s chicken, pork or beef, and the fat and skin doesn’t bother me.

    I hope you’ll visit my website and give me your opinion over there.

    Keep up the great work. I will be back.

    1. Thanks Phil,
      For reading my post in detail. My points are good for every diet and especially African diet. Most African meals are cooked with or in oil. It is very important to hammer on reduction of oil intake. It’s rude to serve a meal without meat in Africa.
      We seem to agree on a lot of things I’m definitely coming over to view your site. Thanks for coming by.

      1. Juliet, so it would be rude in all of Africa to be a “vegetarian” or a “vegan”? BTW, I’m neither, since I do eat meat. I consider myself to be a “Nutritarian” a term coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman as somebody that eats with the purpose of getting the most nutrition per calorie of food consumed.

        1. Oh no Phil, Africans will understand if someone does not want meat. It’s just that an ideal African meal is not complete without meat. Like you I eat healthy and my site aims to put healthy twists to African recipes and highlight Healthy benefits in African food.

  3. These are very good tips for weight loss and just generally being healthy.

    I don’t see the African diet as being all that unhealthy compared to how many other countries eat.

    I found this article very helpful though and have learnt a few new things I will put into practice when I cook dinner tonight. I didn’t know cold drinks with food was bad for digestion, maybe that’s why I tend to get a bad belly after eating a heavy meal.

    Thanks very much for the interesting read.

  4. This was a pretty comprehensive list. We would do so much better in our health if we walked more and ate food in sensible portions and strived to make it all as healthy as possible. I especially liked the part about making sure to keep the veggies as nutritious as possible. If you over cook them, they can lose all of their qualities, though there are some veggies that are more nutritious for the body when they are cooked. This would be a great list to remember when deciding how to lose weight in a healthy way. I’m going to keep thinking about this.

  5. Very informative website. Some of your suggestions and advice I am currently doing but there are several that I am not and wasn’t aware of. I have also read that drinking a glass of water with lemon in the morning will jump start your metabolism. Thanks for the tips and advice. I will implement these in the future.

    1. Thanks Bryan,

      I have heard a lot about the lemon drink. I should be writing about my lemon drink soon. Please come around soon again to read about it

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